Modern Warfare 3 Will Sell Twice As Many Copies Battlefield 3?

Really could it be true. COD’s latest title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will sell twice as many copies as the equally anticipated, Battlefield 3.

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themonsterplayer2226d ago

I know that MW3 has a large audience but double? I strongly doubt it.

Dart892226d ago

Of course it will sell more than BF3 everyone should know this but i give it a a week before everyone starts b*tching that it's unbalanced etc same crap every year sigh.

Avernus2226d ago

You gave it a long time. I was thinking more like a few days. With no beta'll be just like MW2 and BO. First week there will be server issues, people finding glitches, exploiting said glitches, matchmaking problems, and maybe even lag issues on the PS3.

I would think because it's an old engine they would have perfected it by now.

Muffins12232226d ago

i doubt it well sell more than battlefield but not by alot

Shackdaddy8362226d ago

Ya. I think they said BF3 was going to sell as much as Blops so MW3 selling double that makes absolutely no sense at all.

themonsterplayer2226d ago

I think MW3 just lives of the fame of it's predecessors but that's just my opinion

KittyKatt2226d ago

I could probably agree with that. But that's how a lot of sequels these days work.

MoXxXi2226d ago

Holy crap, anyone that doesnt agree with this is ignorant...Lmfao. It only sells based on its predecessors. Writing an aticle about it soon. Watch out :)

MoXxXi2226d ago

I dont understand how they can even predict this right now. Anyways, I doubt itll sell double. I mean, I realize that MW has one of the biggest fanbases of a game ever, but still....

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The story is too old to be commented.