New Releases for the Week of October 23rd-October 29th, 2011

While Battlefield 3 players will be trying to keep their muzzles steady, there is likely to be a lot of swaying throughout many of this week’s other new releases. From Dance Central 2, Just Dance Kids 2, Grease Dance, to Country Dance, fancy footwork is elevated over precision marksmanship.

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madmad2313d ago

Battlefield 3 for PS3.

Hagaf222313d ago

They don't even list Blackwater!!! That games going to dominate COD and BF this season!!!


mediastudies2313d ago

Man, that one looks hideous.

deserteaglexix2313d ago

Our records show November 15th.

ATi_Elite2312d ago

Take on Helicopters PC Oct 27!

oh and that Battlefield 3 PC game which is currently on my HDD and will be transfered to my SSD when i get home from my Red Orchestra 2 marathon!

sharpsword2313d ago

Battlefield for 360 and maybe a trial to Daytona USA.

pennyman2311d ago

currently playing Disney Universe for review (from this list)