World of Warcraft Annual Pass FAQ Details

Here's the full FAQ for the new World of Warcraft Annual Pass, including the added bonuses that the Annual Pass gives you (Diablo 3 for free anybody?)

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Tanir2315d ago

its not free. ur forced to pay 12 months for a crappy old game that u can reach max level in a week.

save ur money on the subscription and just buy diablo 3

Raf1k12315d ago

Actually if you're going to be playing WoW for the next year anyway it's well worth it since it'll give you a free copy of D3 and a rather nice looking mount.

Kostchtchie2315d ago

exactly why would you not pick it up if your playing wow, free game and great deal, dam good idea from blizzard

Tanir2314d ago

yeah, i guess, but people are droppin wow like a dirty diaper so i look at this as desperate

Raf1k12314d ago

I guess that's the result of good competition. If it wasn't for other good MMOs being released we wouldn't have these deals so as a consumer I'm glad Blizz is feeling the pinch as it works in our favour.

adorie2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

i disagreed by accident. i have the game pre-ordered, so I won't be enticed to come back till Emerald Dream.

all that said, i think this is just a ploy to use a very, very highly anticipated game to keep the numbers high in WoW, subscription numbers, that is. Plus you download the game, right?

so wouldn't that save them money in some way?
one less game going through distribution.

bozebo2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

CoD elite renamed.

Die in a fire Activision, stop ruining great developers.

Kostchtchie2315d ago

thanks for ruining diablo blizzard with this wow garbage mini game.....