Blizzard is stealing Pokémon

Blizzard just announced Mists of Pandaria and as a part of that the game will introduce a combat system for pets. Pets can be captured, can gain levels, gain spells and can be given names. It's just like Pokémon.

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Abriael2279d ago

someone's really desperate.

PSX992279d ago

you mad? It's a good ideas since pokemon is good.

Abriael2279d ago

So it's ok to copy every good idea around and never bring out something original. I see :D

Nederob2279d ago

I wouldn't call it desperate. It's more like dissappointed.

Lich1202279d ago

Gameplay mechanics and systems cannot be copyrighted, so unless they mention pokemon they're fine.

Perjoss2279d ago

I know nothing of lawsuits and all that copyright stuff, but from what I've seen and heard about the pet combat system, I think Blizzard could possibly even lose a case against Nintendo over this (Pokemon is owned by Nintendo right?).

Darkfocus2279d ago

theres already pokemon clones that play the exact all those varients like digimon and spectral something or other on ds...some disney series...none of which have been sued..

Sobari2279d ago

I'm amazed how much it copies Pokemon. Creature battling is nothing new, but they copied it down to the gym leaders. It's pretty ridiculous.

NuclearDuke2279d ago

Don't you think that is exacly the point?

Pokemon is complete. It's a simplistic fun game. Almost copied into the Warcraft universe, which has the biggest playerbase on PC.

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