EA teasing new Medal of Honor content in Battlefield 3 retail copies?

"European retail copies of Battlefield 3 include a mysterious MOH logo that suggests that something new is about to happen in the world of Medal of Honor."

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omi25p2339d ago

Medal of Honor 2012
Battlefield Bad company: 3 2013
Medal Of Honor 3 2014


RememberThe3572339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

I don't know why you'd get disagrees for that, it's pretty easy to see that how it's gonna go. Maybe not ancestrally BC3 but we will get a BF game in 2013, I'm certain of that.

iamnsuperman2337d ago

Also the fact Medal of Honor is all ready been confirmed for next year and also EA have already said they are going to release yearly military shooter games to get a share of the COD market

GraveLord2339d ago

Medal of Honor = the Treyarch COD games
Battlefield = the Infinity Ward COD games

EA and Activision are basically doing the same thing.

SpaceFox2339d ago

I'd rather see a Battlefield 2143.

StraightPath2339d ago

Wow Medal Of Honor..never heard that game for ages!! Died long time ago..since COD 4

Ducky2339d ago

... there was a MoH game released last year.

StraightPath2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

i am aware of the lastest medal of honour, it died long time ago because the recent ones were absolutely terrible. Poor mans Call Of Duty nowadays. But remember the days when Medal Of Honor was top dog terms of milatry shooters.

I think there is no excitement of a new medal of honor... last year ones was just a pile of dog poo.

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BattleAxe2339d ago

Maybe its another Beta invite :/

tombraiders2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

I think this will happen...
2012 - Mercs Inc. / also Battlefield 3 expansion pack
2013 - Medal of Honor
2014 - Respawn Entertainment project / year of new consoles
2015 - New Battlefield (Bad Company 3, 4 or 2143?)

A new Battlefield will not be released in 2013. They will be turning there attentions to Battlefield 3 DLC and Mirror's Edge 2. They will also be developing for next gen consoles, which is a long process.

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fluffydelusions2339d ago

argh why...first one was a bit of a disappointment tbh. Bring on bc3

OcularVision2339d ago

BC3 will come in 2013. How can DICE possibly release two blockbuster games within 1 year without farming it out?

Pikajew2339d ago

Bad Company 2 was released last year and BF 1943 was released a year befor that

Avernus2339d ago

Honestly don't know what that means. I didn't play MoH. Maybe there's an option to download the characters of MoH to customize your soldier's appearance?

Cannot wait for BF3!!!

Jovahkiin2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Moh had a great campaign and it looks like DICE have picked up on that for Battlefield 3, BF3s campaign looks excellent.

If Moh 2 has multiplayer like BF3 then it will surely be a winner in my eyes.

torchic2339d ago


Danger Close made the SP segment of Medal of Honor, while DICE did the MP. so I'm sure we'll see the same thing next year.

Jovahkiin2339d ago

I know danger close done the SP but DICE helped them with the engine and MP so they must have been around while the SP was being created. They now know that an excellent SP like MoH's is still important in this day and age and it looks like DICE has made a vast improvement since BC2.

And see how i said DICE have picked up on it, common sense would allow someone to understand what i meant. I meant they have seen DC do a brilliant and well written story and picked up on that.

rickybadman2339d ago

I bet it is an exclusive invite to the Medal of Honor 2012 Beta. EA uses the same tricks over and over

rattletop2339d ago

do't think so. they r already including ME3 demo invite. So must be something else

Hockeydud192339d ago

It's called an advertisement :)

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