This Glitch Makes Dark Souls Super Hard

Stephen of GGC says: "Dark Souls is a hard game. If you’ve played it or Demon’s Souls, then you know just how hard the game can be. What doesn’t make either game easier is some of the glitches that appear in the game, such as some collision detection issues with weapons and frame rate drops."

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rabidpancakeburglar2437d ago

I'd take that glitch on like a man and then I'd die like a coward, screaming as I fell from a pathway.

Nitrowolf22437d ago

um how is this making the game any harder? (Talking about the video). I mean I don't think there are enemies anymore, so your pretty much just walking around hoping you fall down somewhere.

HarryMasonHerpderp2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

This game needs patching up asap.
Just been to blightown and it was barely playable because of the lag,then theres the disappearing enemies and mini bosses.Problems with multiplayer too.
Still an awesome game though.
Oh an the input delay which has killed me 5 times now.

DragonKnight2437d ago

I hate the online lag that creates immense phantom reach on weapons allowing for backstabs from 10 feet away.

TheDivine2437d ago

Idk my game has zero lag in blighttown (ps3). I hear everyone say that but it hasnt happened once anywhere and im up to anor londo. The input delay happened a few times on the capra demon which cost me a few lives though.

brish2437d ago

I find the frame rate in blighttown to be awful.

Are you playing online? A few times I've had the frame rate drop with multiplayer. Maybe blighttown is fine offline.

Spenok2437d ago

Im on PS3 as well, and ive seen some framerate issues, most completely passable and easy to ignor, however, BlightTown is usually pretty bad. However its always in one small location before i get to the ground, and quickly goes away.

ascendantofrain2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I would actually be more concerned about my/his PS3 at this point in time. This same "glitch" happened to me when Final Fantasy XIII came out and my launch 60GB's blu-ray drive died. I guess the drive's lens is going bad so it's not reading everything on the disc as it normally would. Good luck to him.

Relientk772437d ago

As opposed to making the game easier ;-) Why would they do that lol

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