Skyrim PC Specs To Be Released Monday "If All Goes Well"

The wait for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC requirements won't be much longer

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MitchellK2284d ago

That's good. I already know i can run it but for other people it's good news. Plus i always like checking just for the sake of checking.

gravemaker2284d ago

dont care, ready for anything

zeal0us2284d ago

Can my laptop and or pc run the game? H*ll no
Will I buy the pc version(steam-version)? H*ll yes! Always can use the copy on new laptop or pc

Shadowaste2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


Dual core cpu 2 ghz
2 gb ram
8600 gt or better card
(this will run it at just bit better than ps3/360)

quad core 2.4
3 gb ram
8800 gt or better
(this will run it a full gen ahead of 360/ps3)

lots of fun maxed out like crazy and able to install all crazy texture/graphic mods to come
I-7 quad
6gb ram
gtx 285 or better
(this will be beyond sexiness)

AO1JMM2284d ago

I hope my lone GTX 460 can run it well.

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