Next Portal 2 Add-On To Contain In-Game Level Editor

GameBlurb: Valve has announced quite a teaser for the next DLC package for Portal 2 — the ability to create new maps in-game! Read more about it here.

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MicrocutsX22314d ago

Wow...think about the possibilities in this game then.

ShoryukenII2314d ago

Ever since this game came out, I wonder why they didn't have this. I look at how complicated LittleBigPlanet's level editor is and how even inFamous has one. This game can easily make a simple level editor. It is about damn time too. Too bad it'll take forever...

Harelgur2314d ago

I hope it will be free.

sinclaircrown2314d ago

I hope everything would be free. I'll be happy to pay for it though.

Great puzzle game. Sounds like a great add-on if done right.

Ace_Man_62314d ago

It's VALVe, of course it'll be done right lol

Tanir2314d ago

LAME! game sux, who plays this crap!......HAHA JOKING lol, this is pretty awesome, there will be alot of creative new puzzles and at the same time can lead to a long extension of the games replay value.

good job valve

Forbidden_Darkness2314d ago

When I was first starting to read your post, I was like what the hell!? But then I noticed you were only joking lol. Was about to go on a long rant about how people shouldn't post on posts about games they don't likr.. Haha.

Tanir2314d ago

haha its a good way to get people to read your post huh lol. its why people troll, for the attention, because if they dont troll no one will pay attention to them :P

not that no one would pay attention to me lmao, i just thought it was funny :P

ShoryukenII2314d ago

I was about to hit disagree and vote you as a troll. You got me. :p

P.S. I didn't do it because I decided to finish reading the whole thing.

T3mpr1x2314d ago

PS3 - maybe.
360 - No.

ShoryukenII2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

It is for PS3. I remember last month, a guy at Valve said something about them announcing DLC in October (before the DLC that just came out released). He said that it would show us how awesome cross platform play is. So it is for PS3. I think it should be on 360 too. But it will obviously be best on PC and PS3 and free.

Parapraxis2314d ago

Wow, I hope it comes out for PS3.
Either way, this is awesome.

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