EA Origin now allows name change

HamBeggar from TecStories writes: So most of you that played the Battlefield 3 BETA may have noticed that you soldier name was the same as your Origin ID and some of you may have been VERY unhappy about EA's choice with this. It seems that EA has taken notice of our complaints (well they did dedicate a whole department in Support whilst the BETA was up) and has now given us an option to change our Origin ID as many times as we want.

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Pikajew2405d ago

I think they did it because Steam allows you to do it. I never found a person with the same username as me on Steam

gamingdroid2404d ago

Why would you want a name change different from your Origin ID?

Isn't the id, intended to identify you and give people opportunity to friend you?

I guess, I don't understand different names under one account, well except for maybe sharing.

SH0CKW4VE2405d ago

EA listening to consumers?!
What drugs has Riccetello been on?

KonaBro2405d ago

What about stuff that matters like being able to access the American Origin from Japan?