Why You Should Care: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

Casey White wrote: "This week I wanted to take a look back to a bit of an 'in-between' generation. It's not ducking all the way back to the glory days of 8-bit consoles, and it's nothing that released in the current generation that you might still have kickin' around in your pile of uncompleted shame. It's a dive back into an era where, while it still wasn't a primary genre for me, I spent the most time in my video game 'career' with JRPGs. Saying that puts things in a weird category, people tend to divide themselves on this genre as either the "would never play" type, or the fanatical. I fell somewhere in-between though, and I assume there are others like me. Those that enjoyed Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII without having dug through the complete works of Final Fantasy, or Suikoden, or a wide birth of other fantastic sounding series that we can't stop hearing enough about... But I wanted to talk into one gem from my RPG past that I almost never get to hear about in those conversations, and would definitely like to discuss: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete."

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