Halo 3 Gets Class Action Suit for Crashes, Freezes and Lock-ups on Xbox 360

California resident Randy Nunez a federal class-action complaint against Microsoft and co-defendant Bungie over Halo 3 seeking (unspecified?) damages. His argument is simple:

"Halo 3 does not functino with the Xbox 360, and to the contrary, attempted use of Halo 3 consistently causes the Xbox 360 to 'crash,' 'freeze' or 'lock up' while the game is being played."

(via Kotaku on November 21, 2007; the full complaint in PDF document format is available for download at the source.)

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CNIVEK4016d ago

This is going NOWHERE. :o

Bill Gates4016d ago


When are the XBOTS going to WAKE UP?

Don't you fools see that the 360 is JUNK?????.....AHAhAHAHAHHAA

The following happend a few days ago in my house....

A Verizon chump came over to my house to connect my FiOS service and I was playing Uncharted.

These were his words...

Verizon chump - "Is that xbox?"

Me - "No it's PS3. The 360 can't do graphics like this"

Verizon chump - "wow I'm impressed. I was thinking of getting the 360, but I think I'll just get the PS3 now. That game looks like a lot of fun."

When he was all done, I offered him something to drink. He sat down for like an hr. playing the game with me and my friends before he left.

Before he left he said...."man I think I'm gonna go pick up the PS3 and that game this weekend coming up".

When he left I was dying laughing with my friends....AHAHAHAHAHHA

It feels so good to me when I spread HATE for the 360, and everyone should do the same as well.....AHAHHAHAHAHHHAhA

1 PS3 sold, many more to go.....AAAAAAHHAAHAH


gamesR4fun4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Maybe devs will finally start giving us games that arnt filled with bugs.
Its kinda sick paying 60 bucks for something mega hyped like Halo3 or ME and finding it full of glitches especially ones that make it near unplayable...

ps not saying that halo crashes lots because form what Ive seen its pretty stable the onlines a little laggy but thats a M$ problem. Now ME on the other hand is one hurting game. If your thinking bout buying it rent it first if you can make it over 7/h and still feel like your having fun then go ahead still lots to do and you got your save... If your like me you'll regret paying for it tho.

JsonHenry4016d ago

Has anyone else experienced the same problems this kid is having? Because I never had a single problem playing Halo 3 online or offline. But then again I think the game is mediocre at best and have moved on to a MUCH BETTER game - CoD4! And I have NO problems with CoD4.

The Killer4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

for MS the father is windows and their son is xbox 360!!

what do u expect?? a crocodile child to be a lion??

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Maldread4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

This has happened to one guy ? A bit of streching it, isn`t it ? Kind of like the PS3 story with failing PS3 in Belgium some while ago (which was corrected too, i might add).

With that said, the 360 hardware problems are well known before, so a failing 360 wouldn`t be surprising if it was to happen again. Because of Halo 3 ? I think we would need a few more reports than this to say, but if this it was really because of the game, i guess he was just unlucky.

Loopy4016d ago

You didn't read carefully.
It's a CLASS action lawsuit, in which the complaint can only be made if a group of persons are experiencing the problems.

Maldread4016d ago

I stand corrected ;)

Hmm, a bit strange if Halo 3 is causing the breakdown though. I still think it`s more due to the 360 hardware, but i`ll guess it`s an wait and see if more cases will appear. Something tell me they will, fake or otherwise.

marionz4016d ago

well ive never had a single crash or anything with halo 3, bioshock on the other hand.....

Kaneda4016d ago

Do you have Premium or Core system? :)

Shaka2K64016d ago

To increase sales beacuase obviously after ass effect flopping theres nothing that will sell your POS console in the future.

i see what you did there, microsoft very smart your blind monkeys will buy your POS machine over and over again they are that pathetic.

Si-Pie4016d ago

I dont think your comments help or add anything really except for starting wars. There isnt any need to insult people on whatever machine they choose and last I checked all the 360s have a 3 year warranty so if it does go wrong then you get a replacement so no need to buy a new one hey! Plus I wouldn't exactly call mass effect a flop unless you have played it and its your opinion it is?

OOG FunK4016d ago

were sry you were dropped on your head when you were a child shaka but your comments on every thread are jus bullshiit attempts to start flame wars again so....go back to your playstation and play a game you troll

Si-Pie4016d ago

Same here my halo3 , bioshock etc run great and never had a crash or freeze up. This guys 360 maybe on its way out?

Grassroots4016d ago

I have to disagree, I love Bioshock but it froze my machine a few times, and results in the 3 rings. Had a few problems with Halo as well. While I still believe it is more a hardware than software problem. This case is kinda ridiculous and will go absolutely nowhere!!!!

Si-Pie4016d ago

ok while I understand your bioshock froze on you and sorry it has but how can you disagree that mine hasnt froze on me? think id know about it if it had lol. it seems we are basically saying the same thing that its more a hardware problem than software.

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