Top 5 Unique iPhone Games

There are so many games to choose from the in app store these days, and many of them are just the same game rebranded with a new, cute character and a slightly different backdrop. The five games listed below stand out in the crowd as original, visually interesting or revolutionary in their game play. Download any of these titles for a refreshing iOS gaming experience.

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CatSanderson2318d ago

All that aside I'm pretty pleased with the Angry Birds Seasons update today

cb8102318d ago

I'm very excited to finally play Mystery Ball

GamingForever2318d ago

Great games! I played a few!

modelmotion2318d ago

its friday.... time for some FUN game:)

Scumlabs2318d ago

Great list. Been waiting for Mystery Ball for a while, the BETA ruled. Played it in HD on my iPad