Where's the Free Exclusive BF 1943 for PS3? No Mention on BF3 Final Boxart

MP1st - "Back at E3 this year, EA announced during the Sony Conference that the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 will ship with a free copy of Battlefield 1943. Since then, there hasn't been much talk about this exclusive deal; however, Sony did snag a one-week DLC head start."

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john22132d ago

BF 1943 was really fun! I hope PS3 owners will get it.

Criminal2132d ago

I'm 10 matches away from 100% it on the PS3.

EVILDEAD3602132d ago I said in another's been out on PSN and Live for two years so it's not a big deal if they do or not.

It's not like it'll be a physicaly on the Blu-ray.


EVILDEAD3602131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

ahhh so now I know the multi-account who sapmmed my inbox. So YOUR that 'Major Nelson'

Lol @ you repeating what I said to you after you spammed me because you have no comeback


Koneesha2131d ago

Actually I think that is was meant to be on the actual disc.

EVILDEAD3602131d ago

I never bought a game on the PS3 that had games that were already on PSN.

On the 360, if they offer you a free game or content over Live they simply owuld tell you to redeem the free code as it is unnecessary to waste space on the disc for a pre-existing game that can simply be downloaded

Which is why I said it's really not a big deal in this case. There is no need for Dice to physically put 1943 on the Blu-ray.

buddymagoo2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Medal of Honor limited edition (EU) included medal of honor: frontline on its disc.

A-Glorious-Dawn2131d ago

Evil, I clearly remember them stating that it would be on the physical disc..

guitarded772131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Dead Space 2 had Dead Space Extraction on the disc too. Both MoH and DS are EA published games... it's been their MO for a while now.

Darrius Cole2131d ago

While it is not necessary to put it on the disc because you can download it, there will be space on the disc for it regardless. They will have to use bandwidth to allow people to download it when they could have simply put the game on every disc at a cost of no bandwidth. So if they don't put it on the disc, the space will be wasted and the bandwidth will be wasted as well.

Unless they have simply decided not to package the game at all.

skip2mylou2131d ago

umm no just like MoH:Frontline and DeadSpace:Extration both were on the game that they came out for MoH:T1 and Dead Space 2

EVILDEAD3602130d ago on a disc or a simply a code..either way

If you get bf1943 on a disc or a code you save 9.99..

It was a fun arcade game that was released before bf2..

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2fk2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

that would be a shame if they dont get 1943...but honestly you'll be to busy with BF3 to even realize 1943

Grizzl32132d ago

Man...Battlefield 9143 would be intense! Just kidding, bro. Sometimes I have to be "that guy."

Mister_V2132d ago

I'd love to see them do 2143 and a downloadable title in the next year or so!

Nitrowolf22132d ago

If it's anything like my batman case was then the free game is mention is prob a little paper that comes off when you remove the wrap. Maybe they mention on the back to

lazertroy2132d ago

Maybe cancelled For Exclusive DLC extension.

Criminal2132d ago

That's one possibility, I hope not though. 1943 is a really good game.

Eromu2132d ago

I'm gonna assume it will be a sticker on the plastic wrap.