Rage- My Niritori Review

Can id Software, the famous developer of various hits such as Doom and Wolfenstein 3D hit on target with it's latest release.

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KittyKatt2403d ago

Very good review. Nice flow and some very good points there. Overall, I'd have to say you gave this game a fair trial.

MoXxXi2403d ago

Sounds like a washed up version of Borderlands to me...

Mike_Tha_Hero2403d ago

Agreed, more or less. Personally I'm not a big fan of these type of games.

Tanir2403d ago

and borderlands wasnt even good so thats saying something.

tho im the minority when it comes to that opinion lol.

MoXxXi2403d ago

Borderlands was you are in the minority. I was about ready to eat your ass up until I saw that you admitted :)

Tanir2402d ago

gotta admit it lol. would be silly if i thought my opinion was fact and absolute lol. aslong as people enjoy what they enjoy then more power to them :D

themonsterplayer2403d ago

i find while this wasn't a revolutionary title, it was definetly a solid title from id

NukaCola2403d ago

This is what I get from the reviews and what I have seen and played:

Graphics, Sound and Gameplay are great, but the open world is a false waste of time that has no real substance, the lack of RPG elements makes the character dull and unexciting to work with, and the game just ends with a terrible last areaa to painfully trog through.

Borderlands was pure brilliance up to the last end, which was a bit of a letdown. Not a bad ending but a little disappointing, which is LOL cause that is exactly the point the story was shooting for. Getting Borderlands 2 though, I love that game, I hope the saves can carry over.

MasterCornholio2403d ago

I hope in the next borderlands they include a billion more guns. Because the last game had very few of them.



MasterCornholio2403d ago

I rented for my PS3. I was expecting it to be as good as borderlands but sadly that was not the case. Also the game has a lot of nasty graphical glitches. Next time Carmack better do a good job with the PS3 version.