Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Race to the Ring on Spike TV Premiere

PlayStation Blog: Nathan Drake’s adventures are never easy: There’s danger around every corner! As you may remember from our casting call, Spike TV developed a blockbuster reality competition that brings that action to life in the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Race to the Ring TV special that airs on Spike TV Monday, October 31st at 11:30pm Pacific Time (10:30pm Central).

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ArchBeast2376d ago

Naughty Dog came up with a brilliant idea, but rather bad prize. A new unseen playable map, imagine that folks..
But still, hats down for giving the 5 lucky people a chance to scar good memories into their skull, and make them feel REALLY exclusive.

GamerSciz2376d ago

Umm the top 3 left get to play the level that we haven't seen. The winner wins $10,000 worth of Sony merchandise including a Slim PS3, a 3D TV and Full Sony Surround System. That's not a bad prize.

ArchBeast2375d ago

oh, missed that one lol. my bad

Megaton2376d ago

This is just... awful. Enough with these reality TV things, Sony. You're tarnishing your brand.

GraveLord2376d ago

lol wut?
This is the only reality show Sonys done related to a game. The other one is The Tester which is a PSN exclusive, free reality show.

None of them are "tarnishing their brand"

Megaton2376d ago

They did one for GoW3 as well.

MaxXAttaxX2375d ago

Sorry, I don't recall GOW being tarnished or ruined for anyone. And I don't think this will affect Uncharted either.

younglj012376d ago

Damn wish I was one of those 5 people even though you dont win you still got too travel tha world for FREE...

hilyou2376d ago

damn thats one awesome prize! me, i would only do it to play that unseen level! from da looks of it, it's not like the tester! so less drama, and more ACTION!