"Many Batches" of Additional Gran Turismo 5 Content Coming

A Sony representative confirms at the Golden Joystick awards that more updates are coming to GT5.

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waltyftm2433d ago

a disagree already lol, so extra Gt5 stuff is not a good thing ?, only someone who ain't played it or ain't got it would disagree, prove me wrong by explaining.

Pintheshadows2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

It seems to me some people disagree with continued developer support for a game.

Of course the more likely explanation is they are fanboys. A festering disease that should be carved out of the industries heart.

I could use their blood actually. I'm looking to raise Samhain on halloween.

stevenhiggster2433d ago

As much as I hate paying for DLC, I bought the latest GT5 pack and it was worth it.
If they can get a few more circuits in the next DLC I'll be even happier, namely El Capitan and Seattle please!

Narutone662433d ago

Yes please, bring El Capitan and Seattle back. While we're at it, bring Hong Kong track too. I miss a lot of tracks from GT4.

Szarky2433d ago

Maybe it's a bit late? That's my guess why someone disagreed with you. Me personally I could care less about any DLC as I sold it a long time ago.

a_bro2433d ago

when its Gran Turismo, its not too late. its been a year, and im still not done with the game yet. Im already at the endurance race events. spec 2.0 just came right in time.

Pintheshadows2433d ago

You remember that list of tracks from about a year ago? I hope it's all of them.

CloseSecond2433d ago

Just picked up a copy of GT5 (got it when it first came out but sold it a few months after) and have to say I'm still disappointed with menu navigation of the game. Seems like your forever having to quit out to select options and accepting car deliveries is still an unnecessary pain. Anyway, love the 2.0 update except for in car views on standard cars...they look f**king awful and completely bring down the look of the game when using them.

Narutone662433d ago

I couldn't care less about the menu. All I care about is the driving/racing. This game is not a menu simulator, it's a driving/racing simulator.

CloseSecond2433d ago

No f**king kidding its a driving simulator. However, I want to race not forever be going back and forward through one of the poorest game menus I've ever come across.

By the way, a good driving simulator should have time trials to determine your starting position on the grid.

This gets tiresome. If you have game you cant say anything bad/negative about it because its perfect in fanboy land.

DigitalAnalog2433d ago

Well what do you expect? A fully decorated interior for every one of the 800 standard cars? Even though the cars are not up to standard, the cockpit is only a miniature enhancement to at least quell most of the GT5 complaints. If anything, they should've deleted these cars off the bat.

Hicken2433d ago

Are you just looking for things to complain about? You have problems navigating the menus? I shudder to see how you navigate a track, then.

And, seriously, nobody's forcing your unsatisfied, ungrateful behind to use the cockpit views for the standard cars. There are like four other views for you to choose from.

Geez, you sound like a little kid who got not quite the exact toy you wanted, even though it's close enough.