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ShoryukenII2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

I remember when they said that they were alternating expansions. One year we get a new class (Death Knight), another we get two races (Worgen and Goblin, Draenei and Blood Elves). I guess they lied. That is disappointing because I stopped playing after Cataclysm. This expansion doesn't sound to be as good. I do remember asking for the Panda race but people just laughed and said it was impossible. I wonder what they're saying now. :)

Edit: Here is a link with info written in English.

There is actually a new class. They are called Monks. This doesn't sound as bad as I thought. Too bad Guild Wars 2 exists...

Abriael2318d ago

lol at kung fu panda wow. Blizzard is getting desperate :D

Drekken2318d ago

This doesn't give me 1 ounce of remorse for quitting.

Twilightx72318d ago

Do you realize that Blizzard had asian-themed Pandaren in a Warcraft game before Kung Fu Panda ever existed? Warcraft 3 says "Hello." You haters are so ignorant it's laughable.

FlashXIII2318d ago

The war focus sounds awesome but Pandas? Like seriously.. when it was a rumor I dismissed it as it sounded stupid but guess I was wrong.

Prcko2318d ago

cool,but i won't come back anyway

Hooby2318d ago

Talk about jumping the shark.

Not a single aspect of this expac interests me in the least. And now a race that started out as a joke has become the focus of an entire expac.


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