A video for Halo: CEA by IGN

IGN scored a behind the scenes video for the expected Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary which will be released in just over 20 days. The video shows us some new scenes of the game in HD graphics...

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StanLee2312d ago

This game will be the standard bearer for what an HD remake/remaster should be. It's looking fantastic.

wwm0nkey2312d ago

Agreed, I mean getting a game in 1080p is fine but this, just so much effort put into it and it shows. They even added an extra experience on top of Halo CE with the Terminal videos which relate to Halo 4 and the Skulls.

I mean picture the MGS collection with MGS4 grade graphics *drools*

Can't wait to pick this and the MGS collection up next month.

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