C&G Reviews: Batman: Arkham City

When Batman: Arkham Asylum first released in the summer of 2009, it had a lot going against it. Rocksteady was a largely unproven developer, and there was a long legacy of terrible games based on comic properties, with Batman himself being one of the more visible examples. The naysayers and doubters—myself among them—were all proven tremendously wrong from start to finish, as the game showed itself to be not just a top quality game, but a loving, accurate rendition of the Dark Knight that just felt right to both hardcore fans, and casual acquaintances of the Batman property. Now, two years later, Batman: Arkham City has, in some ways, even more going against it; incredibly high expectations, and the dangers inherent in any sequel following up a big success without falling into repetition. It succeeds.

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uphaze2403d ago

game of the year!!!!!

NukaCola2403d ago

maybe. it's going to definitely win some awards.