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Just as memorable as a game’s final boss fight is the location in which it took place. Video game locations are such an important part to modern gaming culture, that entire classes and studies are done to determine the makings of the best video game levels. Here’s some of More Than A Gamer's most memorable areas of any game.

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NukaCola2464d ago

Outstanding choices
Gorgeous choses of pics
Well written
All on one page

You morethanagmaer have done a pretty good list if you ask me. I give you Top 10 of the Year. And this is no joke, I think I am gonna use some of those pics as wallpaper.

badz1492463d ago

I was thinking that the Submarine in the article pic would make an appearance in top 10 but no! why though? I was sat back to my couch the 1st time I saw it! simply stunning! Uncharted DF - still one of the best game I played this gen!

vishant1012464d ago

also the plains of hyrule are also truly amazing

Relientk772464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Im kinda suprised nothing from The Legend of Zelda series is on the list.

But even so, that is actually a REALLY great list. I am very impressed. The author picked fantastic choices.

tiffac0082463d ago

I agree, I like the list myself. :3

--Onilink--2464d ago

I would have included hyrule but the sunken one from ww, 1st all black and white and then all beautifully colored

humbleopinion2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Mostly nice choices, except for mostly the castle from SM64 which is quite bland by todays standards. Midgar is also quite bland outside CGI cinematics.
Some better choices are Cyrodiil from Oblivion, Planet Reach in Halo, Albion from Fable, Hyrule from Zelda, Arkham Asylum in Batman, the Temples in the last Tomb Raider, the underground cavern in RE5 and Liberty City in GTA IV.

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