PS3 Install Size For Battlefield 3 Revealed

With Battlefield 3's depth, scope and breadth being something that's unprecedented in certain aspects, install sizes for the DICE-developed shooter has been a hot topic for months.

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fluffydelusions2129d ago

My 320gb HD laughs at your 2gb install

Iroquois_Pliskin2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

My 1 TB HD laughs harder :P

WarPonyDestroyer2129d ago

Some guy who sounds dumb as a rock is currently playing on ps3.

Parapraxis2129d ago

My 80GB with a little over 1000MB of free space sheds a tear :`(

orange-skittle2129d ago

@ WarPonyDestroyer

Your link shows no video. Try Again

DirtyLary2129d ago


His video is valid, the kid is at work. Said he'd be back streaming in a few hours... 6pm pac time.

NewMonday2129d ago

Is their an option to install better txturs like on 360?

dantesparda2129d ago

the PS3 already has the textures by default, you have to install the so called "high-res textures" on the 360,just to get it to look like the PS3 version. Oh and btw, no HDD and you get what they called a standard def version on the 360

Legion2128d ago


Correct that the mandatory install for the PS3 has the pack within it. The optional install for the Xbox 360 is reported to be similar size. As for the HDD... as long as you have at least the 4GB you can still avail the optional install. I don't know of a single Battlefield fan who doesn't have a HDD. So you should be ok.

Biggest2128d ago

Because Legion knows them all!

guitarded772128d ago

Upgrade... you will never have to worry again. Do it big though. I started with an 80gb, stepped up to a 320gb and now I'm at 750gb. It's worth the small investment. I have over 150 downloadable titles and over 120 retail titles with various DLC, music, videos, etc and I'm not even half way full on my HD.

On topic: Story won't load for me... does this include the super textures or whatever they're called? Anyway... CAN'T WAIT FOR BATTLEFIELD 3!!! Feel free to friend... guitarded77 across all consoles.

Sarcasm2128d ago

My stock 120gb laughs at this.

Legion2128d ago


Obviously I don't know them all but simple logic that BF3 is a more hard core game and thus would fall into the category of hard core gamers that have HDD systems.

But I do know MANY on the Xbox 360 and all have HDD. Still have not ran into a single player that hasn't got an HDD. Though I am sure they exist they aren't the core gamer nor are there many.

Majority of people who bought a model without a hard drive have already upgraded and purchased hard drives separately. The same person that doesn't have a hard drive likely is not a Gold Live member either... so doesn't fall into the typical BF3 gamer.

finbars752128d ago

My 4TB laughs the hardest

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newleaf2129d ago

My 250GB doesn't know how to laugh, Microsoft doesn't make em like that.

Bodster2129d ago

My poor 60gb launch ps3 is crying in agony at having to delete more stuff to make room...

Being a college student with a crap paid part time job sucks xD

AKS2129d ago

Check out sales at newegg or the like. You'll find that they can be very cheap, and you won't need to be hastled with this problem again.

ShoryukenII2129d ago

I have an obese 80GB PS3 and he feels no pain, only sadness.

Dart892129d ago

You can get a 500gb hard drive for around$50 on amazon.

PRHB HYBRiiD2129d ago

:( i have a 30 gb fat.... he wants to suicide

isarai2129d ago

Im a full time college student and i could still scratch up $30 to get a 300GB HDD, it aint that hard. i just traded in some game i didnt want anymore and used that money to get a HDD from amazon

xAlmostPro2128d ago

upgrade your harddrive, it really is worth the investment..

I actually seen a 1tb 2.5" hard drive for £45 which is around $65 ?..

the only downside to upgrading is you may have to spend a couple of hours when your first get it to re-download any downloaded games.. other than that it's well worth it :D

Bodster2128d ago

I totally would all, but i am currently earning only £5 an hour at work (really sucks for 19 year old) and I have pro tools to buy soon :)

Might get a cheap and cheeerful 250gb or even just a 120gb :D

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caperjim2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Im downloading the Origin PC version now. Its 11.4 GB. I expected the PC version to be a little bigger. Oh well. Cant wait!!!!

EliteAssass1n2129d ago

Ya, same here. I thought it would've been at the very least 20GB in size!

RegorL2128d ago

That fits quite well with information from NVidia LAN

"Per multiplayer level
- 200 - 250 MB of streamed object meshes
- 1.3 - 1.5 GB of streamed object textures"

9*1.5 GB = 13.5 GB

And textures can be compressed on DVD to expand during install. I guess the DVD media on both PC and Xbox limits actual size.

@caperjim - Could you check actual install size?

caperjim2128d ago

The actual install size on pc is 11.4 GB. I checked again after it was fully installed.

TheGuardianFID2129d ago

My 750GB HD laughs at your puny install, MUAHAHAHAHA!!! 8P 8)

death2smoochie2128d ago

Just play it for the PC and you have no worries ;)

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smurfz2129d ago

Wow, that's not too bad, at least much better than shooters like RAGE.

Ace_Man_62129d ago

you can that again! RAGE takes up 7.7 GB altogether and its still got massive pop-in!