PlayStation Vita's U.S. Launch Games- Start Saving Now

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sony has yet to reveal the official (and full) lineup of games for PlayStation Vita's February 22 U.S. and European debuts, but based on what we know, it may go down as the most impressive collection of titles in recent memory.

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fluffydelusions2224d ago

Uncharted GA is a definite. I'll wait to see what else is available.

NukaCola2224d ago

This thing is bought day one, Ill put the cash back into savings with Taxes. I am getting this monster in my pocket.

Buff10442224d ago

Ah yes, taxes. Can't wait.

Blacksand12224d ago

It come out in feb. Gamestop let you pay on it on tell it come out and if you brought games from PSN store for download for your PSP you can download it to your Vita.

NewMonday2224d ago

Gravity Rush, U:GA, Mvs.C3, MNR, and ACofH if it gets a good reception.

Will get LBP as soon S it is released

remanutd552224d ago

Uncharted Golden Abyss , Little Deviants , ModNation Racers Road Trip and Gravity Rush will be mine on launch date , i dont think Little Big Planet and Resistance Burning Skies will be part of the NA launch line up :(

Ultr2224d ago

yeah, they will be in the launch window. say within 4 months or so.
Ill get Uncharted, Gravity Rush for shuuuure!
And probably Wipeout, cuz I buy one racing game a generation :D

tiffac0082224d ago

Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush are the games I'm definitely getting.

I'm still hoping Bamco localize Tales of Innocence R as well.

MasterCornholio2224d ago

now this is how you launch a handheld with tons of great games to play at Launch


contra1572224d ago

I'm excited about the new super stardust, wipe out I can't believe that series is still around I got the new 1 for free what a lame series , always was since ps1.

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