New Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Making-of Video Showcases Storytelling

Namco Bandai published a third making-of video of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, that follows the two published yesterday.

This time around it’s the game’s storytelling that gets under the spotlight with an interview with the scriptwriter Jim DeFelice.

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TheShow172463d ago

I thought the storytelling was pretty good. A little predictable for the most part, but it significantly aided the missions. I could do without the Russians that you obviously don't trust from the first mission on.

If you look at the alternative, with no story, one minute you're in a F-22, then an Apache, then an AC-130, then an F-16. It would be too blotchy without it.

Great game, I would definitely recommend it. Not without it's faults, but great none the less.

Abriael2463d ago

The alternative isn't no story, it's the storytelling from previous Ace Combat games, that IMHO was way better :D

TheShow172463d ago

Yeah, you're right. I thought this was more cinematic than previous titles though.

Abriael2463d ago

probably it was, but that's just a matter of technology I think, as of quality of the story, this one was really too generic, IMHO. It lost a characterizing element.