ROUNDTABLE'D: Occupy Azeroth

Bitmob Staff Writer Rus McLaughlin defers to a panel of well-known video game characters to answer some of gaming's greatest questions.

Enough is enough! Inequities in the gold and XP markets in World of Warcraft can no longer go unaddressed. Level 85 PCs have monopolized the riches of Azeroth for too long, and it’s plunged the entire realm into an unending state of conflict...which only perpetuates the divide between the have-manas and the mana-drained. It’s time to hold those responsible accountable and enact reforms to make things fair for the average Blood Elf again!

And yet, haven’t those high-level characters all started at the bottom, too? Haven’t they earned the right to gank every n00b in sight and get the really good loot drops?

What say you, panel of experts? Add your voices to la revolution!

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THR1LLHOUSE2439d ago

Okay, now all I want is to hear more from Lord Eybrowe Fantastico.

I'll support whichever side he's on.

Sadie21002439d ago

I would've loved to have heard from some slaves doing gold farming out of Chinese prisons....

SybaRat2439d ago

I wanna occupy Middle Earth, too.

NagaSotuva2438d ago

I thought this was about occupying Astaroth. My mistake.