Battlefield 3 Pre-load begins for PC

New Game Network: "Electronic Arts has confirmed that all PC users who have pre-ordered the upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 from qualified digital retailers can now begin preloading the game."

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ATi_Elite2461d ago

Well I guess I'm off to Direct2Drive to get my Pre-Load Pre-Order download on.

Watching BF3 install to my SSD will have a certain orgasmic effect.

also i should sue walmart for false advertisement cause they are NOT the fastest way to play. I will be playing BF3 at the stroke of Midnight and not standing in a walmart checkout line.

Trunkz Jr2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )


Agent-862460d ago

Yes indeed. I downloaded it earlier and also will be ready at the stroke of midnight. I noticed after the d/l and install, there was an additional 400mb update. Looks like we may have gotten our Day 1 Patch a little early as well.

stevenhiggster2460d ago

I should hope so. I hate it when you buy a game digitally, download it, fire it up and THEN it downloads up dates! Surely they could update the game on the server side so we are downloading the patched version!
Seriously, surely that can't be too difficult.

Shadowaste2461d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

about 54% complete, man, I cannot wait for this game!

When the clock strikes midnight and all the other shlubs are in line with a bunch of sweaty geeks coughing on eachother, I'll be firing up some tasty 1600p, 16x anti aliasing, dx11, 32v32, 64v64 BF3 BAby!!!

B00M2460d ago

What the hell are your specs to be able to play it with that much AA and resolution?

ATi_Elite2460d ago

16x FXAA but at 1600p only 4xMSAA is needed

FXAA is lighter on the GPU but MSAA or SSAA is tons better. FXAA is sorta like MLAA where it's not as good as the resource killing MSAA but some FXAA/MLAA is better than no AA.

but like i said earlier the higher the Resolution the more pixels for better detail and less aliasing. 1080p i use 4xMSAA and at 1600p some games i use none and some are 4xMSAA.

B00M2459d ago

Yeh just overkill at that resolution. I play at 1080p all the time and wonder if I even need to play at 4XAA rather than 2XAA. In Crysis I cant see a difference, except for how many fps I get =D

AO1JMM2460d ago

Mine is done preloading and the desktop icon is just screaming at me to click on it and play. Damn that release day check LOL

Dojan1232460d ago

See you on the battlefield.

kutocer2460d ago

Me is all done and installed hehe, I'll be waiting on Thursday 11:59pm with energy drinks and coffee. No work for 5 whole days.


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