Jump Around: The 5 Best Platformers of Holiday 2011

Think platformers are dead? Here's five holiday titles that'll surely bring you back to the days of timing jumps, strategizing boss battles, and breaking blocks for power-ups. And you'll love it. Here's a look at what we call Jump Around: The 5 Best Platformers of Holiday 2011.

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Venox20082339d ago

don't know is this game right to this list, i can add Cave story 3d

Jolt2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

How can Shinobi be in that list instead of Ratchet and Clank? Bah...

BTW Sonic Generations seems to be the best IMHO.I mean the HD version, not the "Dimpsed" version...

Rayman seems pretty good, I will play it on Vita, though I'd rather see a new 3d Rayman based on the third.

I am looking forward to Kirby too.

Jirachi2339d ago

Kirby Wii:Looks Good,Rayman:Idk never played rayman before,Sonic gen:I hope it's good,SM3Dland:Looks good,Shinobi:Are you kidding me? Put cave story 3d here.