End the Nintendroughts: It’s Time Nintendo Got A Hold of Its Dev Cycles

After surviving the ridiculous game drought of the 3DS's launch, it's time reflect on the pain that was, and figure out what Nintendo can do to stop such massive gaps in compelling software in the future.

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EcoSos32281d ago

Good article but no I like to wait for Nintendo games, as much as I like Zelda I dont want one every year or every two, then the game will become average and boring not exiting.

jacksonmichael2280d ago

That's not really the issue, here, though. Sure, we would hate it if Zelda was a yearly affair, but... It would be nice if they had released anything noteworthy in the past... what, like... nine months?

GameTavern2279d ago

I think.. its an interesting point, but I don't lay it solely on Nintendo, but honestly they need to work with 3rd parties.

I mean when you think about it MS had the same drought, they've only released Gears of War 3 so far this year, but it was hidden in the fact that they got so many multi-platform releases throughout the year.

Nintendo has its work cut out since it is currently supporting 3 consoles on the market, and preparing for the launch of a 4th. So I assume their limited resources are spread thin.

NYC_Gamer2279d ago

lack of new franchises/real third party support

mamotte2279d ago

Oh, Come on. We got 1-2 great Nintendo games per console, and people say "Nintendo is milking franchises!". But, let's take uncharted: Since the last Zelda (twilight princess) was released, we got the entire Uncharted trilogy. But that's not milking for some reason.

So thanks, but no. I prefer to wait to feel my N games fresh and new.