Nathan Drake kind of sucks, and that's why we love him

Uncharted's lead character follows a long tradition of action heroes who actually kinda suck, and that's why we love him.

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Agent Smith2436d ago

Nate's flaws make him a much more interesting character.

SybaRat2436d ago

Hell, yeah. If he didn't make so many bad choices, those games would be an hour long, tops.

waltyftm2436d ago

One of the most believable game characters ever created, not a meathead yet not a wuss at the same time.

2436d ago
Bleucrunch2436d ago

Nate flaws make him like us Human beings....we are all flawed individuals that is why perfection as it pertains to human beings DOES NOT EXISTS....Naughty Dog nailed it on the Human aspect of Nathan Drake....Cannot wait for this game to come out man...where is the freaking demo already?

THR1LLHOUSE2436d ago

I love the Indiana Jones comparisons about how he always kinda loses in the end. Very nice observation about what makes Indy, and Drake, such fun characters.

idontgetit2436d ago

Nuanced article - there's something to be said for playing games in which you consistently feel bad-ass and super-powered, but there's definitely way more *character* to Nathan Drake.

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The story is too old to be commented.