Uncharted 3: Play it in 3D- Recap

Last night was the 3rd and final night for the Uncharted 3: Play it in 3D event. For those who didn’t know about it, you missed out on a great opportunity to play the game in full 3D on a movie theater screen as well as the chance to win the collectors edition with the multiplayer tournament. As an added bonus if you spent $60 you will also have the game shipped to you on the 25th of October, a full week earlier then the street release date! GamerSciz went last night in LA at the Century City AMC 15 and it was quite an experience. We just wanted to do a quick recap of what went on and some new information that we learned from Naughty Dog and Playstation alike.

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AriesSiren2434d ago

im going to wait for this. i need a 3dtv or that new 3d headset by sony before i play this. hear the 3d is just jaw dropping.

GamerSciz2433d ago

I have a 40" Sony 3D TV. I got it last december and it's now paid off a couple months ago. Also got 2 pairs of glasses as it was buy one get one free. Total price was $1600 and that's with a 5 year warranty. They have come down even more. And I play UC3 Subway MP in 3D and it's pretty sweet. But to see the SP on a movie theater screen was just unreal.