Soul Calibur V Ezio Artwork

Here is the official artwork of Ezio from Assassin's Creed in the upcoming fighting game from Bandai Namco, Soul Calibur V.

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Bleucrunch2191d ago

I am a fan of Soul Calibur just as much as the next guy...(Raphael is the MAN! btw) but the last one what meh at best especially the endings for the each character you beat the final boss....Talk about chessey man....Hopefully they put just a tad bit more thought into that game.

Tanir2190d ago

yeah hope the story for this is awesome, i mean cyber 2 connect is doing the scenes and you know how crazy those guys get, would be nice to see my character in some awesome cutscenes, even seeing them in the cheesy cutscenes was pretty sweet

rezzah2190d ago

It'd be cool to see Ezio's alternate costume as the secret custom in AC:Brotherhood.

Quagmire2189d ago

Maybe is alt costume will be Altair's robes? Or even the Master Black Assassin robes, that would be sexy.