Oh, those kids and their video games

Flashy graphics and bloody gameplay aren't the only things that draw young minds to gaming.

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THR1LLHOUSE2408d ago

Based on the title and the beginning of the article, I was expecting some kinda "Argh, kids these days!" rant...But I really liked the observation the kids having more fun with the creative stuff you can do in games these days than the shootin' stuff. Pretty neat.

idontgetit2408d ago

Insightful - and amusing. Kids these days! All they want is an angry bird or pig or something.

SybaRat2408d ago

Seriously. It's a shame adults can't figure out where the Run button is.

NagaSotuva2408d ago

My nephew doesn't care much about graphics as long as the game lets you collect crap, likes coins and stuff.