Turtle Beach’s Modern Warfare 3 Limited Edition Headset Line Widely Available Next Week

The Year’s Most Advanced Headset Line, Engineered and Designed Specifically for The Year’s Most Anticipated Game, Is Shipping Now to All Major Retail Partners.

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ftwrthtx2462d ago

Little pricey, but for a hard core gamer probably worth it.

FlareDReborn2462d ago

I'll stick to my Tritons.

WolfLeBlack2462d ago

They're essentially just the PX5 but with Call of Duty branding them makes them far more expensive. Therefore I'm sticking to my PX5's :D

MegaMohsi2462d ago

eh, DPX21 > this and you can get those for like $80 on ebay

DarkTower8052462d ago

I'll stick with my Sony 7.1s, they're good enough for me.

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