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LackTrue4K2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

im waiting on this, lol...i was thinking it was to come out last tuseday!!! you don't need the game CD for this right???

Furesis2466d ago

is this a DLC or can anybody just buy it

fedex6822466d ago

This is a standalone game. You do NOT need Infamous 2 to play this game.

If you pre-order on PSN, you get a cool Infamous dynamic theme too!

LOGICWINS2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

"If you pre-order on PSN, you get a cool Infamous dynamic theme too!"

YUP, VERY tempting. I might pick it up because I'm dying to play something worth while with Move besides Killzone 3.

Furesis, I recommend getting Infamous 2 as well for like 20-30 dollars. Thats a fair price for it, but not 50-60 dollars. The two good/evil campaigns are fantastic, but theres not much to do once you beat all the missions. In fact, once you beat the game, ALL the enemies theres no one to left to kill lol.

The User Generated content creator adds some replay value but the learning curve is out of this world for it. Its difficult to create compelling missions with it.

sashimi2466d ago

Already got this preordered, one of my top new IPs of the generation!

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etebitan2466d ago

anything about how the move controls work????

iceman062465d ago

For MOVE...nope. Otherwise, it's an expansion of Cole's move set from Infamous 2. New abilities include the ability to fly (tied to a meter that is filled by blood), the ability to bite (fills the flight meter), new vampire vision modes (allow you to track and stalk the Firstborns that are hidden as characters), the ability to stake (to rid the world of the vamps after you defeat them), and enhanced vampire vision (to see hidden rooms and areas that hold secrets).

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