Lens of Truth Head2Head: Batman: Arkham City Analysis (PS3 & Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we will be taking a look at another one of this years most anticipated titles. With the huge success of Batman: Arkham Asylum, it is no surprise that gamers have been waiting eagerly for the next chapter in the already enormous Batman universe. After many suspenseful trailers and the painful wait that follows, Batman: Arkham City has finally arrived! The only question that remains is which version is the best one to buy given the option. Lets hone in on the Dark Knight and conduct some “strange” experiments to reveal the identity of the true Batman."

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Joe Bomb2404d ago

Close but the 360 looks and performs better. I wonder how the PC version will look against these two.

Great game!

darthv722404d ago

on the 360. I will respect the series and continue the trend with this one.

Generally my buying habits of sequels center around the platform I buy the initial copy on.

Both versions look to be very enjoyable to those who pick it up.

BushLitter2404d ago

I don't know if anyone else does this, but I always buy the PS3 version (unless its a really poor version) because of the casing!

I really like the compact feel and the look of the blu-ray cover.

I usually just get the exclusives for Xbox.

About buying sequels based on the initial copy, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I have AC franchise all on Xbox (Got the AC2 with the Xbox initially, and then won copies of AC1 and Brotherhood). But I want to get Revelations on PS3 for MP but it will spoil the collection.

Stupid problem, I know. But a problem nonetheless

GrieverSoul2404d ago

The games looks exactly the same! Minus contrast diferences.

The Xbox has an slight edge since its performance is better.
Still, this doesnt mean PS3 owners get shafted. Both consoles offer the same visuals. Frame drops wont make the great game less great. :)

2404d ago
StanLee2404d ago

Did they get better equipment or just common sense because the XBox 360 version performed better in the first game's comparisons but they still gave it to the PS3? Funny that, since Digital Foundry stated as much and every PS3 fanboy on disagreed. Let's hear their comments this time.

Persistantthug2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

If you really must brag, show me something of substance.....something that REALLY makes a good deal of difference.

If I have to squint really hard or run up close to the TV, and/or grab a pixel and frame counter to tell any difference...then it doesn't mean a damn dude.

When you show me some extra games or content (Dead Space 2 + LA Noire), extra characters (Mortal Kombat), or some eyebrow raising uncommon extra (Portal 2 Steam + PC/MAC).....when you see that from whatever version you want to brag about, feel free to PM me since you're always out of bubbles.

Just don't PM me about some menial pixel no one can really see or cares about.

Echo3072403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

10% screen tearing is nothing to brush off. I know some people don't notice tearing as much as others, but for me, ever since the first time I saw it, I haven't been able to *not* see it, and it drives me nuts. Breaks the immersion, IMO.

Plus, load times were just a shade better on the box, and LoT doesn't install games for their comparison, and I usually do.

As a multiplatform owner, this is an easy decision.

mega BIG time2403d ago

lol just because you said you bought the first one on 360 you got 20 disagrees? So funny.

I happen to buy my sequels on the platform I originally bought it on too like Demon Souls and Dark Souls on PS3.

@BushLitter I too like PS3 blu-ray cases much more then the aging 360 dvd covers however I still buy most multiplats on 360 they almost always perform better.

Treyb3yond2403d ago

Ps3 version has 3D. I went for that.

Twilightx72403d ago


They both have 3D.

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r1sh122404d ago

The Xbox and ps3 versions are very similar, it just seems like the xbox is brighter and the ps3 has slightly deeper colours.
Very similar though

360 man2403d ago

yh you just missed out the ps3 versions 40% screen tearing in the first scene.

thats pretty much a big difference

user8586212404d ago

Overall the PC version will murder these two, but between consoles 360 version as usual is much sharper

frostypants2404d ago

Nobody plays this type of game on PCs...and I'm speaking as someone with all 3 platforms.

Messatsu2902403d ago

frosty, I bet when u said "all 3 platforms" you mean wii,ps3,and 360, because I have arkham asylum on pc and getting this one as well on the pc. Speak for your ignorant self.

pr0digyZA2403d ago

What I have all three platforms and I am waiting just like I did for the first one. I really want all the extras that come with it as well.

TreMillz2403d ago

"360 pad mate", "PS3 pad mate"....defeats the purpose as thats for consoles now isn't it?....i mean if im gonna play with a 360 or PS3 pad you'd think they'd be attach to a 360 or PS3...

Legion2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )


The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms; examples of these are personal computers and video game consoles.

I am assuming he was referring to the platforms in discussion at the time which were Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Who was the ignorant one in the discussion again?

Legion2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )


Some PC owners know full well that some games (especially platform games) are much better when using a traditional game pad versus a keyboard mouse configuration.

As for the pads being for consoles. Well no... the PC pad has been around a long time and I know from experience with the Xbox 360 pad (we call it a controller) it is a version made specifically to link up with the PC and works well with many games.

As for his choice to play it on the PC versus any console then that is his prerogative. And surely the PC would look better if he has a system that can produce.

As for me I would purchase it for my console of choice because I try to refrain from gaming on my PC, as it feels like mixing pleasure with work. (my prerogative)

Khronikos2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

No joke. With Xpadder and Ds3 tool My Dual Shock 3 can be tuned better than the PS3 in game options tune it. You can pick any kind of deadzone you want. I stopped buying multiplats sometime ago. But it's funny how the kiddies think games are only on consoles lol. I just bought the entire GTA pack on Steam for 12.50. Yeah, that is EVERY GYA game ever made. I plug my HDMI videocard into my TV and I play these games in 1080p with max AA and they look better than any console will be able to do for years.

I don't hardly ever use a mouse and keyboard anymore except for RTS or something of that nature. Keyboards blow for emulating movement and anyone who says otherwise is just playing the fool.

Messatsu2902403d ago

@ Legion

I know what he was referring to. I said Wii because the comment he said about PCs is as stupid as the explanations you give.

ProjectVulcan2403d ago

Happily happily waiting for the PC version. Increased texture resolution, Better AA, Physx, DX11, 3D vision, 60 frames, 1080p.

More than enough reasons to wait 4 weeks for me- its not like there isn't anything else to play right now is there?

Boody-Bandit2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I am speaking as someone that owns all 3 platforms and I played and completed Batman Arkham Asylum on the PC from Steam and I already have Batman Arkham City on preorder for the PC. Besides the textures, resolution and silky frame rates the definitive reason is pyshX.

Another bonus is Windows Live games support XBL achievements as well.

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TBM2403d ago

Hmm surprisingly im not losing any sleep while playing it on my ps3. the same way i didn't have a problem playing the first game too. Im not one of those people who lives for these stupid comparisons like most people here.

zeddy2403d ago

360 looks more shiney. still no reason not to get it for the ps3, its not that bad.

TBM2402d ago

says you i loved part one, and im loving part two on my ps3 with no problems whatsoever. it feels more comfortable playing with my ps3 controller than my 360 one.

MsclMexican2403d ago

I hate lens of truth. Why?

It is pretty much flame-war centeral

Here is a real comment from some one on this article

"Wow! The 360 just keeps pumping out the wins baby! BANG!!
Same ol’ story, the overpriced internet ready blu ray player has blurry textures, inferior lighting, more torn frames, LOL. When going head to head with a SUPERIOR gaming machine like Xbox 360 the overpriced internet ready blu ray player just can’t cut it. FACT. That’s why ps3 fantards love exclusives…there’s nothing to put them head to head against LOL.
Another crushing victory for the real gaming console.Xbox 360. BANG!! Oooooh da’ powwa’ uv da’ cell..LMFAO!!!
“Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made.” –John Carmack


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gypsygib2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I bought the 360 version but I stood in the store for like 25 minutes trying to find info on which one has better 3D.

I surmise the PS3 but neither console can do 720p with few jaggies 3D that well anyways. The best I've seen is Crysis 2, Motorstorm, and SuperStardust. The rest look like low res shit so I just got the slightly sharper 360 version.

My point is that LoT should include 3D in the analysis as it would weigh in for PS3.

morganfell2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

The comparison is invalid no matter which version looks better. Why? Simple.

There is something more important that LoT, who has been busted for dishonest practices before, should include with EVERY comparison. It looks like this:

Finally one site has done the correct thing.

EDIT: @news4geeks, one of my constant disagrees, if you do not get why the capture settings should be stated then nothing I can say to you will assist you in this matter, gaming in general, or anywhere else in your life.

Your lack of "getting it" also demonstrates a certain naivete concerning past incidents in the game journalism community.

It amazes me anyone would give LoT a click considering their past actions toward both HD consoles. Incidents for which they never attempted to make amends.

darthv722404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

wouldnt a solid comparison be better made at the least common denominator? There are tweaks each system can do to enhance the visual presentation. A true comparative is generally done with the same settings on the same screen and the same screen shot.

To use advanced features serves to show what each 'could' look like but there are also variances that the users will not be able to discern.

Which is why doing them without all the bells and whistles is more accurate. It leave the chance that one is being favored over the other out of the equation.

Once the basic comparisons are done...then they should up the visual ante by showing what this option does or that when it is turned on. This way it also helps those who may not be using these features to see if they make a difference to them on their tv. Not everyone uses the same setup and so not everyone needs those settings.

It is a try and see if it makes a difference and if you are satisfied with the results kind of thing.

Soul Train2404d ago

Are you kidding me morganfell...

Put your foot in your mouth much..

base00642404d ago

Bull$hit moronfell,

The developer should match gamma when they ship their game, and not make the two versions so drastically different leaving it up to the user to do so. If game we're really being developed side by side you wouldn't see ANY differences in the final product now would you?

Didn't think so.

Shogun Master2404d ago

First off LOT has always used the "out of the box" method. Most importantly though they never consider contrast into there decision. so you point here is mute.

Diver2404d ago

soultrain, you are putting your foot in your mouth. lens is telling only part of the story. they are leaving out a ton of info. They don't talk about software, cables, or how the encode. Its a wiring diagram and not much more than that.

And like morg said, they have been busted publicly for lying before. I don't disagree with the findings but the fact is you can't prove the findings that come from a dishonest website that leaves out some of the most important info. So if anyone put their foot in their mouth its you.

GearsOfWar2404d ago

Stop crying, morganfell.

You weren't right when you claimed Gears 2 was going to be released on the PS3 a couple years ago and you're not even close to being right this time.

The versions are pretty close, but the 360 has the slight overall advantage. They state how they capture and compare, just accept it.

StanLatMarveldotCom2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Okay, so let's get this straight, when LoT gave the comparo test of the first game, Arkham Asylum, PS3 fanboys ate it up and ripped Digital Foundry and Eurogamer for being XBox 360 fanboys because their comparison said other wise. Now, they give it to the XBox 360 and their comparos are not to be trusted? Is that what you're saying? Mind you, I'll still be waiting for Digital Foundry's comparison since LoT usually just make shit up as they go along but I just want to make sure we were clear on that for the next one of these things that go in favor of the PS3.

Messatsu2902403d ago

First of all.. All those settings are wrong. No ps3 or 360 should be set to expended or full unless you are on a monitor. 2nd of all a Avermedia HD capture PVR card is very low end and is crappy. That avermedia is the exact same capture card I use to stream my games live and it causes your game to screen tear a bunch. Better have a $200+ capture card if you want to capture exact performance.

Blogz4Fanboyz2403d ago

@ gears of war lolol

i remember when this clown was claiming to have seen gears 2 on the unreal developers network on the ps3 lol. what an idiot this guy is.

then about a 6 months later, someone posted the links on here to the threads after he denied saying lol pure quality, you shouldnt be able to show you face on here morganfail

SDF Repellent2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

morganfell, I am still waiting for the superior Gears of War 2 on PS3 that you'd saw with your eyes...oops sorry, one eye. :)

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Ace_Pheonix2403d ago

Best 3D I've seen so far is in Wipeout HD, and in the SotC/ICO HD collection. Batman looks good in 3D on the PS3, but there's something about it that seems a bit more headache inducing. SotC is truly fantastic to play in 3D though.

Venjense2404d ago

I got the PS3 version!

this is a test

RudeSole Devil2404d ago

These two are still close enough. Nice job by Rocksteady, besides the Catwoman debacle of course.

Fishy Fingers2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Nothing really in that. Based on the results, 360 takes it, few less torn frames, slightly better contrast.

BUT, if you were playing this, left the room, someone could switch consoles and you wouldnt even know. Other than the on screen prompts.

Decent multiplat.

nightmarex1212404d ago

The contrast always can be fixed because all you have to do is change the rgp color to full.

Screen tearing can only be fixed by the developers though.

testerg352404d ago

nightmare, yes, but in a lot of comparisons, PS3 fans complain that all you have to do is adjust the tv settings. Do ps3 users always adjust their tv for each game?

nightmarex1212404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Well no i just mean the settings on ps3 not the settings on tv, b/c 360 has full rgb on default but ps3 is on limited, and it shown that rgp full make the game looks a lot better and the same as for 360 on ps3.
Here a video showing limited vs full

Boody-Bandit2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I adjust my display when ever I want to tweak it's appearance regardless of the console, receiver, dvd player or PC I am viewing the source material from.

Anyone that knows a thing about calibration knows you should calibrate your display for each piece of hardware you are viewing material from. Why do you think displays give you the ability to save individual picture settings for each video channel the display offers?

My levels are completely different for my 360, PS3, PC, sat receiver on the 4 different HDMI channels I view them on.

Why do you think most games offer variable sound and visual settings in game? I had to turn up my contrast and brightness recently for Forza 4 because I couldn't see the edges of the walls in some of the tunnels in the game. So again, yes, I would tweak my display when ever needed regardless of the hardware or software.

Biggest2403d ago

Every TV comes with options for damn near every variable of view. Why would you NOT use them? I have setting for day, night, PS3, cable, sports, PC, and direct video. You should try it out.

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