Street Fighter X Tekken Producer Talks Story Mode and Compares SFxT to MvC3

Ono-san, Producer of Capcom’s upcoming fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken, compares SFxT with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, gives details on story mode and discusses personal Tekken strategies for facing Street Fighter players.

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JoelT2405d ago

I want Ono's hair and mannerisms.

taz80802405d ago

I ant mega man x contra next. Lol

Bags_BuzzFocus2405d ago

that's a hot concept. i'd buy it.

cbclerk2405d ago

I like David's hand gestures to help bridge the communication

tboyshinobi2404d ago

LOL! one is jumping up and down the other has wacky hand motions.
I liked the comment on the article about making a Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat game. That would be excellent. and one step closer towards DC VS Marvel

docbeez2404d ago

I was waiting for Ono to do a Hadouken