Batman: Arkham City PC System Requirements Announced

Warner Bros. have given us the green light to reveal the official Batman: Arkham City PC system requirements!

Included in the piece are three new PC screenshots, a link to a 3D Vision stereoscopic 3D image gallery and a link to our Batman: Arkham City GPU Analyzer that can quickly scan your system and tell you if your video card is adequate for the game, and what level of visual fidelity you will receive.

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gravemaker2376d ago

i'm ready for 60fps, 1080p and physX

Mustang300C20122376d ago

I am ready for 60fps, 1080p, physX and 3D

BiggCMan2376d ago

Hell yea, GTX 580 kicks some serious ass. I'm set for a nice long time with this beast.

saint_seya2376d ago

im ready to play it too like that, and soon getting another gtx 580 for sli :)

NYC_Gamer2376d ago

i'll be buying this game next month

rajman2376d ago

If only this was released on time I would have definetely got ir for PC

Mustang300C20122376d ago

I had the 360 and PC version pre-ordered. Did the same thing with Arkham Asylum. My son now plays AA and AC while I game on the PC.

rajman2376d ago

I couldnt wait another month just for the PC release when I could play it now on my PS3 or X360, and with Battlefield 3 out in a few days and Uncharted 3 on Nov 1, it was a bad move to delay this for a month

kevnb2376d ago

im hoping theres a preload, already activated this on steam.

Toman852376d ago

Im set for 60 FPS, 1080p, PhysX and Nvidia 3D Vision baby!
This is the main reasons I skipped the console versions ;)

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