Is 2012 Shaping Up to be Bigger than 2011?

While this year still has yet to come to an end with it's stellar upcoming titles, there are a ton of other titles releasing sooner than you might realize. Check out the full list after the link!

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OllieBoy2407d ago

February/March looks crazy.

Vita launch
Mass Effect 3
Max Payne 3
Twisted Metal
The Darkness 2
Yakuza: Dead Souls
Dragon's Dogma
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

I want them all :/

StanLee2407d ago

Half the games mentioned in the article are almost guaranteed to be mediocre.

Baka-akaB2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

More like most of them are guaranteed to be great . If you are so jaded you can't feel it , i'd say the issue is more on your end , than on the mentioned games'

BuffMordecai2407d ago

Like your amount of bubbles. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

trainsinrdr2407d ago

No year will beat 2011 this gen.

newleaf2407d ago

It's been great quantity wise, but the quality has been a bit lax.

Pikajew2407d ago

That gets said every year of the current year

obliviontime2407d ago

Besides a few PS3 exclusives, the first half of the year was really disappointing. Next year Febuary/March is already completely blowing away this years.

Optical_Matrix2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

PlayStation Vita is launching.
The Last Guardian
Street Fighter x Tekken
Ni no Kuni
Tales of Graces F
Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Dragons Dogma
Max Payne 3
Ninja Gaiden 3
Mass Effect 3
Soul Calibur V
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations
Twisted Metal
Wii U Launch
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Halo 4
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Luigi's Mansion 2
Kid Icarus Uprising
Resident Evil Revelations
Assassin's Creed 3
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Escape Plan
Dragons Crown
Persona 4 The Golden

I'd argue that 2012 is looking just as good, and I can't wait.

Nate-Dog2407d ago

I wouldn't count on Versus just yet. I was hoping it still might come out by 2012 but unless we get some more footage by the end of the year I won't particularly expect it.

ChiVoLok02407d ago

Not to mention Uncharted for the Vita and The Last Guardian which is not my type of game but with no doubt will be big for PS3.

byeGollum2407d ago

There's only so much one can play.. all I need is my precious.

StifflerK2407d ago

I'd add Bioshock Infinite, Asura's Wrath and the new Tomb Raider to the above lists.

2012 has a lot of great games to look forward to already.

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The story is too old to be commented.