PlayStation Vita pre-orders eligible for $0.99 Release-Date Delivery on Amazon? - Is $0.99 Release-Date Delivery a shipping option for PlayStation Vita pre-orders on

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acronkyoung2466d ago

Not bad. Pretty cheap delivery. Hope it's not a mistake.

C_Menz2466d ago

Amazon usually always has $.99 release date delivery for all games/releases.

RBdrift2466d ago

If you have Prime its free.

--Onilink--2466d ago

Well not really all games but its getting more common

jujubee882466d ago

I will have to check my pre-order for this!

Aww, I kind of did want to wait in line with my girlfriend. She would just be tired and stuff and I would be all super psyched.

Ahhh, can't wait!!!

Shadowaste2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

I hate to say it, and I may be wrong, but I think this thing is going to tank worse than the 3ds, smartphones and tablets already do everything this thing does minus the controls, which I am fully aware will be way better.

I also think sony is making a mistake making every game a re-hash of a ps3 game, I have no desire to play uncharted portable.

I have a 50" plasma, with klipsh tower 5.1 speakers for that game, that game is a masterpiece that deserves a full home theater, I like handhelds for pooping, traveling and 15-20 min before bed.

Give me Disgaea, Give me and good D and D dungeon crawler.
Give me and epic top down baldurs gate type rpg. Give a survival horror game, Ratchet and clank and jax and resitance SUCK ona handheld, i know, i own them, they are poop compared to the real games.

MasterCornholio2466d ago

Just report him for trolling. Move along people this user isn't a gamer because he believes tablets will be better for games than the vita.

I pity the fool who disses the Vita


cochise3132466d ago

Hmmmm when did smart phones and tablets have dual sticks and play uncharted?

2465d ago
jazhers2465d ago

Sweet! Thanks for this!! I just updated my shipping options.