Why You Shouldn't Buy Used Games

Used games are a controversial topic in the game industry. Buying games used can save gamers some serious money up front, and when you've got a fall season as crowded as this one, that fact is certainly nothing to sneeze at. However, developers are increasingly trying to drive gamers away from used games. Why is this? Well, quite simply, buying used games puts money in the wrong pockets. But should you, the penniless gamer, really care? Actually, yes, and here are five reasons why.

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ElementX2282d ago

This topic has been beaten to death a hundred times.

pangitkqb2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

"Buying used games puts money in the wrong pockets."

Ha! Wrong. Buying used puts money in MY pocket, the most important pocket I will ever have and the only one I am responsible for. Yes, I care for the health of the industry, but I care for my bank account as well.

I like the classic chair example:

Do you know how many used chairs are available throughout the country? Garage sales, second hand stores, estate sales, etc... are all selling used chairs! Every used chair you buy takes money from the company with new chairs! Buying used means only the seller gets the money from your chair purchase, not the company making chairs.

Why is the Games industry the only one that thinks it is entitled to zero competition from used sales?

Pro_TactX2282d ago

Because they have the technology available to them to help them fight used sales. If other industries had similar technologies you can bet they would use them.

frankiebeans2282d ago

buying used will coast you more in the long-run, soon you will be paying to play each game online because you're putting nothing in the devs pockets.

you know nothing about how business works if you compare a game to a chair.
(the one thing that really bugs me about the internet is people that act like they really know what they're talking about)

darthv722282d ago

looking through the used games sections at stores. You never know what treasure you will find.

I apply the purchasing of used games to that of buying used movies or cd's. Especially ones that are out of print. I do buy my share of full retail merchandise but the used market should not be slandered in such a way as to make people threaten to give up retail all together.

In that I am meaning the costs of things going up but the quality remains the same (or dips). It just makes justifying a retail purchase that much harder when you put it into perspective.

If there was some program in effect to provide the developers with a residual (like actors get from reruns) then this topic would not be as hot as it is. Music and video industry went through it and games are taking their fair share right now.

Buying used or new still puts money into the economy. Just handled differently.

dinkeldinkse2282d ago

Buying games with online passes is doing that not people buying used games.

pangitkqb2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

@ frankiebeans

"you know nothing about how business works if you compare a game to a chair"

Love it. But even better...

"(the one thing that really bugs me about the internet is people that act like they really know what they're talking about)"

Frankiebeans, thou enlightened one, please deign to show the truth and light! Educate me, oh mighty one of learning!

Really though, you are free to your own opinions, and if they make me laugh that much every time, I am in your debt.

frankiebeans2282d ago

(the one thing that really bugs me about the internet is people that act like they really know what they're talking about)

Tanir2282d ago

and thats why ur paying for online passes, and why companies like split second devs and others crash and burn because they dont get the money they should have. congratz

zeeshan2281d ago

I am down with all these online passes just as long as they don't charge 10 bucks to buy a new one. $5 should be max limit.

DaTruth2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

For one thing the chair company doesn't have to maintain servers to keep you online chairing with your used chairs they get no money from.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I dont buy used games EVER, I only sell old ones to buy new ones buttttt.....

PLEASE STOP PRETENDING UsED GAME SALES ARE HARMING THE INDUSTRY. THEY ARE NOT. GREEDY devs who think mediocore games are better than they really are are harming the industry.


The attack on the used game industry is simply founded in greed. Devs found a new way to nickle and dime consumers who bought "their" game used, regardless of the fact that the greedy devs/publishers already made their 60$ from that game when it was sold originally.

If devs have a problem with used game sales then they should shut the hell up and go all digital.

I will continue to sell my games used, the crying devs can suck it. If Their game isnt good enough or appealing enough too sell, swindling used gamers out of an extra 10-15$ isnt going to change that.

I think many devs expect to have COD like success and when it doesnt happen they want to blame the used game industry. Funny, the only game that has no online pass nowadays is COD.

Edit-- Id actually go as far as to say that used games sales, especially places like Gamestop, are actually helping keep the sales of new games afloat. A LOT of people trade in old games and buy BRAND NEW ones and the devs make money from that. Im 100% sure that without the used games market the sales of NEW GAMES would GO DOWN, not up.

trainsinrdr2282d ago

I always buy them used nobody is going to stop me.

Megaton2282d ago

Has the same effect as piracy. Probably even worse because it's widely accepted and legal. People just take the moral high ground with used games cause they're spending money, but not a single cent of that money goes to the developers or publisher. 100% of your money goes to middlemen.

dark-hollow2282d ago

The used games are once a bought new copy so the publisher already got his money.

And it is not only hurting used copies buyers, but online passes hurt NEW copies owners too!!
Imagine one day you want to play on another ps than your like in your friend house etc.???
What if you finished the game and want to give it to your brother in law fire an example?

Solidus187-SCMilk2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

really? I was unaware that every pirated copy of a game has already been bought new at one point.

HAHA yeah, used gaming is actually helping keep the industry afloat. blind cluless devs are killing the industry.

Trust me, if gamestop was to Come out with a statement telling us how much of the trade in credit for used games from them was used toward the purchase of NEW GAMES by their customers, the devs would shut up and online passes would dissappear. Devs would go as far as to issue a formal apology to all the used buyers and the fans of their games.

They would see how many people who buy all their games new like me, trade in old ones to get the brand new ones.

Fact is, devs are just using the used games sales as a scapegoat when their game doesnt reach their over inflated goals. In the days of "enter code online", online pass is simply a way for devs to get MORE MONEY that they dont deserve for that SAME COPY of a game that has ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR ONCE.

If any dev has a problem with used games, then I say to them "go all digital then." They wont, but you know they will continue to be clueless and complain.

knifefight2281d ago

Games sales here in Japan are high as they've ever been.

And you know what's to be found somewhere on every major street? A USED GAME SHOP. I pass 4 of them on the way to work -- no friggin' joke.

The PSP is alive and kicking, and its software sells boatloads here, despite used games being all over the place. Remind me where it's dead, again? Ah yes, everywhere but here.

Yeah, people are really convincing me that used game sales are such a drain.

Megaton2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Pretty much the reaction I was expecting. People wanna clutch onto their false moral high ground because they gave money to someone. Used games do nothing to keep "the industry afloat". They're the whole reason we have to deal with things like online passes and abundant rip-off DLC. Developers grasping at straws to earn a buck off the GameStop used games cartel.

All the people I know who pirate on PC tend to eventually buy the game new through DD if it's any good. I know I have many times. My money actually goes to the devs, unlike yours.

palaeomerus2282d ago

You SHOULD respect that reaction because it is entirely correct and you are absolutely wrong.

knifefight2281d ago don't know very much about business, do you?

klecser2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

The reason why we have to deal with online passes and DLC is because gamers have no self control and can't choose to not purchase games. "OMFG the next FPS that is identical to the last one! I HAZ TO HAVZ IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!" The only thing that truly drives reform in a market is the consumer choosing not to buy. Gamers can't do that. The industry has you by the balls because you can't choose self control.

ChocolateGiddyUp2282d ago

Legitimate purchases are worse than theft? Hmm...well in that case, I'm off to go steal a bunch of shit.

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VonAlbrecht2282d ago

I don't buy used games... unless the game is out of production. At that point in time, what the fuck does it matter, I can't buy a new copy, so they wouldn't benefit either way.

HardCover2282d ago

I never buy used games.

I either buy games during sales, or I pay the early adopter fee of full price.

It's my hobby, and I'm more than happy to support the industry the best that I can. I don't need to support the retailer, considering there will ALWAYS be a retailer to sell me games.

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