Level Sweden Uncharted 3 Review Arrives and gets "Highest grade"

GB : New Review arrives for Uncharted 3 and it's a great score

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Sizzon2283d ago

Congrats to Naughty Dog :)

Come here already Nov. 2!

NewMonday2283d ago

So far all 9+, pity the fool who will give it the first 8.5 , he is going to get flamed so hard, like what happend with Batman AC :P

inveni02283d ago

I've gotta be honest, the only reason I am paying to reviews on this one is because I want ND to get the recognition they deserve. I'd buy this game even if it was given a 2.

BushLitter2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

@inveni0... Naughty Dog received that recognition with U2 when they received the most awards for a game ever ;) i think

inveni02283d ago

I still think the game is under-appreciated. I can name over a dozen friends that didn't even know what it was and half a dozen more that played U1 but not U2.

nix2283d ago

@inveni0: i would pick up ND game even if it gets 1/10. ND deserves it. while we all were wondering how they will do better than UC2, it is safe to say that they've outdone themselves.


Sadly, that reviewer is probably going to be Jim Sterling of Destructoid...He is always trying to prove a point in doing so, yet he has his head so far up his @ss, he doesn't even know what that point is himself.

ABizzel12283d ago

Halloween Party or Uncharted 3. . . . . . Everybody out of the house at midnight. Make that 11:30.

tarbis2283d ago

Edge and Destructoid will give it a low score. Expect it.

sikbeta2283d ago

These guys at ND were able to match or even surpass the perfection it was U2, my god, they're on a league of their own! can wait to play this game!


Ducky2283d ago

"i would pick up ND game even if it gets 1/10. ND deserves it."

If they release a game that only gets a 1/10, then how do they deserve the sale?

If being one of the most top rated game didn't get your friends to play U2, then I don't see why they'd pick up U3 if it also got a high rating.
It seems they just need a good ole' whack to the head.

ninjagoat2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Problem is this generation dosent fall to the reviews of games. But the gamers them selves! When a game like MW2 can come along and sweep the broad with every other game no hassle, there has to be something fundamental missing from what we people see as a good game.

They ride the hype train instead of looking quality in there experence. Hense games like Uncharted become under under aperecated by the gamers themselves.

How many times do we have to see a masterful game come along and be outsold by complete crap. We have seen companys go under because we havent supported them. Its crazy tbh.

Personally i think when a series becomes a milking factory theres no need to suck at them nipples anymore.

newn4gguy2283d ago

Modern Warfare 2 had a memorable and emotionally impacting campaign though. I LOVED it! I bought Infinity Ward games for the stories. Treyarch is terrible though. Black Ops?!? What a joke.

gta28002283d ago

I started playing the subway Beta alone gets a 10/10 from me. This game is gonna have me hooked for months!

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fluffydelusions2283d ago

I swear Naughty Dog is like a fine wine only getting better with age.

GraveLord2283d ago

I'm pretty sure it launches Nov. 1.

NukaCola2283d ago

Nov 1st US
Nov 2nd EU

I think this is how it is at least. I am shipping from Amazon to APO military box so I gotta wait a few days longer which sucks and is brutal. I wish Amazon shipped to APO closure to get it there near day one instead they ship it the day after realse and really screw us. I should just buy it in the stores, but I get really good $$$ discounts on Amazon, I think I would rather pay more than to wait honestly. Anyone here have this issue?

reckoner2283d ago

This game will be fantastic. Cannot wait.

ColinZeal2283d ago

Agree, GOTY for sure for me. Skyrim close second. Can not wait for this! Soon less than a week! MAN! <3

damnyouretall2283d ago

was there any doubt there would be some 10's. fuck me though i cant get it till xmas :(

Pintheshadows2283d ago

Sell your body.

And I don't mean prostitution. You only need one kidney.

badz1492283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Damn...that could get u exactly 28 copies of Uncharted 3 and u can share them with your friends so they will not play (insert any competition here) :-P

RufustheKing2283d ago

I love UC but don't get your hopes up cause they will never be what you want it to be. dampen down those expections please or the game wont be as good as you imagine. I have stayed clear of major UC3 and Skyrim stuff for a month now(yes it is killing me) these games will be better because of it. roll on Nov 2 and nov 11.:)

Objective2283d ago

I dunno, I don't trust reviews, especially with so many conspiracy theories floating around here.

showtimefolks2283d ago

since i have already played UC 1-2 so i know what i am getting into, But i don't expect this game go go under 93-96 overall after all reviews are in.

also i do believe when all the dust settles GOTY will be decided between UC3 and Skyrim

my sleeper pick is saints row 3 but i think its gonna be between those 2 for the most part along with some votes also in for batman 2

candystop2283d ago

So now reviews matter lol? SO much twisted trash this generation with the PS3 crowd it's hilarious.

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fedex6822283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

The first of the many perfect scores we will see.

BT1232283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Hell yeah!



BushLitter2283d ago

There's also a 9.4 there somewhere. Pretty sure

Great scores so far, but I don't really know these publications. Waiting for scores from sites I'm more familiar with

BT1232283d ago

oops !
Power Unlimited (Dutch Magzine) - 9.4/10

"Uncharted 3 is Drake's most varied, compelling and overwhelming adventure ever! It is jaw-dropping... The whole game is full of highlights. One of the best games ever for the PlayStation 3 to date."

fluffydelusions2283d ago

Weird thing is if I'm not mistaken they said it was better than UC2 but gave it a lower score...odd.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2283d ago

the magazine who gave UC3 a 9.4 is not included in metacritic.

ArmGunar2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

9,9 : Best score ever given by the mag
9,8 : Best score given since PS2 era
9,4 : Gold Award by the Mag' !!
4,5 : U2 had the same score and they praised the story, graphics and gameplay

Finally a 10 :D

ColinZeal2283d ago

Well, Level only gives 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and so on...

reckoner2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Amazing review scores for an amazing game. But wait... I thought the media was biased against the PS3?

GrandTheftZamboni2283d ago

That's because UC3 should really get 11/10. If it was 10, it would get 8.5s.

disturbing_flame2283d ago

The third person shooter i enjoy the most on this gen.
Need those warm colors to have this end of the year full of sunshine.

Arabia here i come !

ArmGunar2283d ago

They gave 10 to U2 too :P

That's a great score, yeah the greatest :D

BushLitter2283d ago

You mean U3 has absolutely no improvement over U2?

How disappointing

ArmGunar2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

No, I mean, U3 will be as breathtaking as U2 or even more !!
(yeah, if it's more, they can"t give a score over 10 ^^)

The_Devil_Hunter2283d ago

They could give it a higher score but that would just be unprofessional.

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