Microsoft Product Timeline Hints at Xbox 'PU' and Kinect 'HP2' For E3 2014

GB : We have an interesting Microsoft product line-up for you courtesy of the MS nerd who has been incredibly accurate with Microsoft leaks before. This is what he says. Check out the full rumored product timeline below, Xbox 'PU' and Kinect 'HP2' is listed at 2014.

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dark-hollow1918d ago

I doubt that the next box will reveal in E3 2014 it just too far.

May be a portable xbox?

Karooo1918d ago

Who knows, good thinking though.

inveni01918d ago

"Xbox PU" = Xbox Portable Unit (codename)?

Maybe. Sounds stinky, though. Get it? PU?

Sometimes I get the feeling that, when I crack a joke, somewhere a child dies.

Iroquois_Pliskin1918d ago

yeah inveni0, somewhere an orphan dies

inveni01918d ago

Oh, just an orphan. Well that's not too bad, then. I kept picturing a child that would be missed or something.

See? There I go again. Bad jokes. Bad, bad, bad.

gametheory1918d ago

I don't think anybody is paying attention. It says "Xbox Loop" too. I think that PU is, like someone said above, the Xbox Portable, but Xbox Loop is probably the successor to 360. 8 years after 360, makes sense, just like PS4 will probably release 8 years after PS3. Loop sounds like a name related to 360, and at the same time it aims to be "cute" like the Wii name.

BattleAxe1917d ago

I'm going to have to hold my nose and say P...U on this one.

ingiomar1917d ago

Yes its probably a reference to the 360, but aiming to be cute? with a CODENAME?

Silly you, Codenames aren't supposed to be cute.

zeeshan1917d ago

Nov 2014
Win9, Win9M, Kinect HP2 launch


That's XBOX720 right there.

Arnon1917d ago

Xbox Loop... I have a feeling they'll use an infinity symbol for the next Xbox.

reynod1917d ago

Lol if the next gen consoles are only being revealed by 2014, console gamers will just be told "oh we still havent maxed out current gen", which obviously isnt true.

God imagine if people were trapped with cell phones from 2005-2006 with no improvement at all. What a hinderance to advancement that would be. This is exactly what the current gen consoles are doing to the gaming industry.

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Jensen1918d ago

well MS did say they wont be going into the portable industries.... unless thats changes..bout i doubt portable.... but just like some other type of xbox.. product.

gamingdroid1918d ago

I doubt it too...

That said, since I don't believe Sony will release a console in 2013 it is conceivable that MS will wait and release a console at the same time as Sony.

So the two scenario is:

a) MS releases in 2013, Sony in 2014

b) Both MS and Sony in 2014

fluffydelusions1918d ago

MS thinks WP7 is there portable gaming device.

aman84r1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Sounds like something related to a tablet.

vinniects1918d ago

PU = performance upgrade for 360?

ATi_Elite1918d ago

Microsoft already has a Portable's called a Laptop PC.

I just want the official announcement of Windows 8 allowing Xbox 360 games to played on your PC.

M$ is cooking up something big.

edonus1918d ago Show
Legion1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

You are close but you are thinking in the wrong direction. The Xbox PU will be a console tablet but hinted that it will also have Win 8 PC capabilities.

tplarkin71917d ago

It appears that MS in not going to tie Kinect and Xbox as a single piece of hardware.

Legion1917d ago

Correct that Kinect 2 will not be specifically marketed exclusively with the next generation Xbox, but it will still see console backing along with PC commercial application from the outset.

Legion1917d ago

Currently the next generation Xbox is code named "Loop" but expect the name to change with an image reference of the infinity symbol for the next generation Xbox. It will release in 2013.

The Win 8 PU is a tablet from Microsoft coming in 2013. Xbox PU is the tablet version of the console coming out in 2014. (current information does not state if it will be a separate portable experience or simply a smaller portable Xbox Loop)

Kinect 2 will come out in 2014 and have direct PC applications associated with it along with it's Xbox console root.

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FrogLobby1918d ago

The list seems to indicate that the next Xbox will launch in 2013, codenamed loop. Xbox PU seems to be something else. There is a Windows PU too.

The Meerkat1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Is PU pronounced P-OO?

That's as bad as Wii!

news4geeks1918d ago

I like to play with my pu

MorbidPorpoise1918d ago

Wanna come over and play with my pu?

SleazyChimp1917d ago

Just be glad Nintendo didnt call their new system the Power Nintendo Entertainment System or you'd be inviting your friends over to play with your PNES!!! Then Fox news could take an Anti-PNES stance on video games. "Its time for men today to stop playing with their PNES and start contributing to society." AHH...what the world could have been!lol

EliteDave931918d ago

I believe E3 2013 reveal and late 2013 release.

Jensen1918d ago

2013 reveal 2014 fall release.

ThichQuangDuck1918d ago

Next gen consoles are not going to come out til 2013-2014 so why not focus on this generation. Seems every other story is a rumor about next gen consoles recently part of me just wants them to be announced to analyst can no longer make stuff up

kevnb1918d ago

xbox PU because it stinks

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