XBOX 360 Review: Forza Motorsport 4 - takes a look at Turn 10's newest entry into its critically acclaimed racing simulation franchise.

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GMWPS32376d ago

I played the demo earlier today and I'm going to get Forza 4. What I noticed was the graphics are better than Forza 3 and the cars sound amazing so far. It appears to have got the more arcade like than simulation feeling down perfectly and I mean that in a good way.

With all respect it is the perfect arcade racing game with a tilt to Sim than Outrun from the 80s. Outrun was the classic arcade car racing game then Road and Track Need For Speed (1) took the title in the 90's but now Forza is King in this area. It's quick fun that you can get in and out of without dedicating too much time figuring things out or configuring. So it caters to my requirement for the best arcade racing game more than the current NFS series or any other for that matter.