Golden Joysticks 2011: Mortal Kombat tops Capcom in Best Fighting Game

And the winner for Golden Joystick's 2011 Fighting Game of the Year is Super Street Fi... wait... no, it isn't. The winner is Mortal Kombat! Surprised?

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JoeSchmoh2434d ago

Mortal Kombat is a great game. Can't wait for the sequel in 2013. The characters in MK fight with weapons, that makes the gameplay in MK more in dept. Now don't get me wrong, SF4 is still classic.

MWH2434d ago

lol at the article intro, that was funny.

Laxman2434d ago

Agreed. MK is without a doubt the best fighting game of the year. I would actually go as far as to say its the best fighting game this generation.

pctrollv42434d ago

HAHA..what a joke. I would take it seriously, but then you see BLOPS as best fps, that's when you know all these votes are the casual gamers. We all know that the better fighting game is street fighter as it requires way more skill and its way more fluid than MK. MK is still behind tournaments, not even considered a main event and not even reaching 10k viewers when its on. We can say capcom has learned from this, cause sf x tekken will obliterate any fighting game out there with the amount of content it has. MK 10 is going to have to be really really good to stand a chance. As far as this goes, there is a reason why sf is still the top game at tournaments and no MK. There is also a reason why theres a mode in MK where you can spectate a match and throw tomatoes. Hardcore vs casual. This generation is full of casuals that have ruined the hardcore.

icecoldfire2433d ago

actually u need more skill in mortal kombat. plus does street fighter or any fighter in the genre have an excellent story line, every character bad ass, a lot of content, reasonable prices of DLC with actual characters,even fatality codes. even they fixed their online. they care about the fans unlike the scamcom charging $40 for just 2 more charcters and costumes

pctrollv42433d ago

to be honest, no sf player looks for a story in their game. Capcom may charge and milk it, but sf fans still buy it, like me. MK does not require more skill. It is a juggling game and once you know everything, thats all there is to the game. SF, up until this day, we are still finding out how deep the game goes. Capcom may charge, but its smart cause it keeps it on top of the fighting game tournament scene. Its all a matter of opinion, but there is no doubt sf is way more fluid and a lot deeper. Yes, if you care for story then MK is the way to go, but in terms of depth, sf surpasses by far.