Batman: Arkham City Supports PS3 In-Game Custom Music

While playing Batman: Arkham City, Crazy_S was interested to see if you can play your own music on your PS3′s hard drive. Crazy_S tested it out and was surprised that Batman: Arkham City allows you to play your own music, while playing the game. During the game, press the “PS” button and go to your Music on the “XMB” and select your song to start playing. Press the “PS” button to get back to kicking ass, but now with your own music in the background. Now everyone can enjoy listening to “Can’t Touch This,” while taking down a large group of thugs.

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BiggCMan2465d ago

Not really something I would wanna do during a story driven game like this, perhaps once I beat it though.

Spider-Jew2465d ago

Ya, I would say this is good when you are doing challenge maps or after you beat the game your first time through. The music in the game is awesome, but this is a nice option to have.

cyclonus0072465d ago


Now I have to create a playlist of all my Batman movie music for my New Game + playthrough of this ridiculously awesome game.

Damn you, Rocksteady...

MasterCornholio2465d ago

Nice option to have. It shows that they really put a lot of effort into the PS3 version. Btw I have it and its fantastic. Love playing with the pussy meow.


Adolph Fitler2465d ago

The game scored 10/10 in a helluva lot of reviews & I don't think the game scored under 9 by any worthwhile (non-attempt & hits & headlines) reviewers, sites, or obviously the in-game sound & dialogue are worth something.

I don't understand the need for this feature in any game, simply put, when I spend money on any game, I expect the in game music, sound fx & dialogue to be enough... when I play a game, all factors should be tailor made for that game & are part of the overall production, so they should fit & any other sound or music that is foreign, should feel just that...foreign, & not part of the game or experience.......if I want to listen to my music, I consider that a totally different experience.

Just like a film, I don't want interupting, distracting background sounds or music taking away from the overall experience....I mean, would I play ACDC Thunderstruck over the theme music of Jaws when that infamous fin pokes out of the deep blue....

It's a bulletpoint in certain fanboys of a certain console over another, but really it is no more use than that, as I bet most of those geese that use that arguement use the feature on there 360 as often as I do. Whether I'm playing Tekken, Twisted Metal, SF4, or any other mindless type game that has repetative sound fx & background music, I don't want to hear anything but that game that I paid good money fors sounds.