Forza Motorsport 4 review [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "Turn 10′s passion for cars and racing comes not in the form of dry, laborious attention to minute details, but in the way Forza 4 wants you to have fun in motors that none of us could ever own. They want you to enjoy racing, no matter whether you’ve failed your theory test five times, you’ve never wanted to drive before or you’re the next Sebastian Vettel or Sébastien Loeb. Forza 4 is automotive passion in its finest, fiercest form, and it only asks one thing of you: drive, however you want."

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Septic2463d ago

Beefjack is going to forever be loathed by N4G now that they've said this:

"Forza Motorsport 4 is the best racing simulation the world has ever seen. It makes a mockery of Gran Turismo developers Polyphony Digital, running rings around them yet again, on schedule, like clockwork. They’ll probably do it again in two years time too, whether we’re squeezing the last drops out of the 360 or we’ve moved onto the next-gen, while GT6 remains a vague possibility."

Forza 4 vs GT5 is going to be that ugly rivalry amongst fanboys that will carry on well into the next-generation until Forza 5 and GT6 come out- where, well lets be honest- it'll be the same old thing all over again....

Dart892463d ago

Crappy site looking for hits.Didn't even bother to click on it xD.

SixShotCop2463d ago

My baloney sandwich is awesome. It must be the crispy lettuce! You agree Dart?

green2463d ago

Why should you click on it to read about the review of a game you hate?

StanLee2463d ago

Yeah, I love Forza 4 but that was even more fanboy bile than I can swallow.

Jobesy2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Its a great game, sad that the 360 owners aren't supporting it better.

@disagrees? Ok, so you're saying the game is terrible and 360 owners are supporting it very well?

evilunklebud2463d ago

It should sell more, as it appears (critically) to be great, but 0.5M for week one is not bad, similar but ever so slightly ahead of F3. One could expect around 4M for the product lifecycle at this point.

Remember: Sales<Quality

newleaf2463d ago

530K first week is 70k more than the previous game. Plus it released on friday in EU so . . .
So far this year only TWO exclusive games have launched higher than their previous iteration. One of them is Forza 4. The other is already at 4.1 million. . .Gears of War 3

dark-hollow2463d ago

Honestly, I don't see fanboys war much over fz4 vs gt5 (outside of n4g)

It,s a lot better than cod vs bf3 or halo 3 vs killzone 2

iamgoatman2462d ago

Pretty much, but is it really surprising when the site is infested with fanboys and trolls. Maybe if there was actually a deterrent for trolling other than going down to one bubble, because even then you can get off a comment that starts a huge flame war. Bring back the open zone I say, and let them run around amongst themselves like children at playgroup.

On-topic, that paragraph above wasn't really needed, but then again it's their site and they can post whatever they like, if people are worried about it being flamebait here then just report it and be done with it.

Godmars2902463d ago

Hope it wont be the same thing since that means Forza gets a free pass while GT is put under a microscope. With anything the former does will be seen as an innovation where its was ignored in the latter.

And by that I mean weather and night driving as well as go carts in GT5. I really expect the US gaming media to embrace the Next Xbox should it use something other than DVD, and there's obvious improvements in games where the format has been holding things back this gen.

Drekken2463d ago

Nope. The multiple account 360 owners don't agree. That will cost you a bubble by the end of day.

JellyJelly2463d ago

"And by that I mean weather and night driving as well as go carts in GT5."

Where is the engine and drivetrain swaps in GT5? How about customizing the looks of your car, creating your own paintjobs, swapping headlights, spoilers, sideskirts etc?

Proper online modes? Nope.

Auction house? Nope.

If you put Forza under a microscope you sure as hell won't find any half-assed 'standard' cars with 'updated' blackened out interior views.

Godmars2902463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Pretty sure that car customization online and the auction house are some of Forza's talked about strengths, just like track customization in GT5 is talked down if not dismissed.

That's my point exactly: Forza does something well that GT doesn't its plus, GT does something well that Forza doesn't - it doesn't matter.

And haven't they been doing car customization/paint and such since Forza 2? At the very least Forza 4 is doing something better than in Forza 3 yet to may reviewers its almost like such features were just introduced. Think there's even something about hiring a driver to drive for you in F4 that GT5 did first.

2463d ago
dark-hollow2463d ago

Excuse me godmars but what freepass anh what nitpicking?
GT 5 is the fifth instalment and one of the most successful franchises and world wide critically acclaimed.

The expectations were high. The STANDARDS were high.
and thats the fact with any other franchise.

Imagine if ffxiii is not a final fantasy game but a standalone game that has nothing to do with squareenix or the FF franchise, would it have the same amount of hate and disappointment??

Not saying like gt 5 didn't have major problems with quality.

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BuffMordecai2463d ago

Thats a fanboy review if I've ever seen one. Good game yes, runs circles around GT5, lol no.

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josephayal2463d ago

Cant wait for the next FORZA maybe on the X720

evilunklebud2463d ago


5 comments, 5 spams. That has to be some sort of record.

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