Rocksmith: The VGW Review

VGW: Before this review gets underway, it’s important to dispel some myths and misconceptions about Rocksmith. First, Ubisoft’s virtual guitar teacher is not aimed at axe masters. If you’re an accomplished player, then you need a stage or a recording studio, not Rocksmith. Following that logic, don’t be disappointed in the lack of heavy metal, or track selections that would be considered challenging in games like Rock Band. For a guitar rookie, playing licks that difficult on the real thing is nightmarish. Finally, it doesn’t matter if you can FC (full combo) every Guitar Hero song on Expert; those skills won’t translate here.

The ultimate question that curious consumers will have is “Can Rocksmith teach me guitar without the need for a human tutor?”

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trainsinrdr2343d ago

I want this but I don't own a ps3 any more :(

GroundsKeeperJimbo2343d ago

Grab it for the PC. Plus you'll prob get all the extras without having to pay for them like so many PC titles.

Infernostew2343d ago

Wow, very well written, insightful review. I really want to pick this game up but I might have to wait till it drops to $60.