Naughty Dog talk Uncharted movie

IncGamers: "At some point you have to let your baby go," says game director Justin Richmond.

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trainsinrdr1914d ago ShowReplies(2)
brettyd1914d ago

Ryan Gosling for the Drake role. DO IT.

LarVanian1914d ago

Man, Ryan Gosling kicks ass! I really want to see Drive but it hasn't been released in my area :(. Oh well, there's always the blu-ray to look forward to.

LOGICWINS1914d ago

They had it playing in my barbershop on boot leg, but somehow the movie was perfect DVD quality. I tried to ignore it at first to not spoil the movie, but when I started looking I couldn't stop watching. Awesome stuff! Def getting the Blu-Ray.

Oh and as far as Drake, the guy from the Hangover/Limitless should do it. Gosling's a totally different type of actor.

Derek-Flint1914d ago Show
JBaby3431914d ago

I still think Chris Evans is the best fit. He can pull off the seriousness and look like in Push but can still be light-hearted and humorous like most of his other movies.

FragGen1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Ryan Gosling has a baby face and looks unworldly to me... and his right eye is higher than his left.

Just does not seem tough/actiony enough to me, personally, to be a Nathan Drake caliber explorer/adventurer.

brettyd1914d ago

im gonna go ahead and assume you didn't see Drive or the Ides of March.

iamironman1914d ago

doom movie was awesome.

what about ryan gosling for drake?

TopDudeMan1914d ago

Yeah, but the rock was in doom. That's why it was awesome.

darthv721914d ago

the bulk of the movie wasnt as interesting as the last few minutes. When it shifted into 1st person mode was....priceless.

jb12761914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

if they actually pull off a good movie - anyone else think Gavin Rossdale could play Harry Flynn if there ends up being a second??? I'm thinking of the character he played in Constantine as somewhat of a reference plus I think they look similar... <edit> just "youtubed" the thought - guess I'm a couple years late with that idea lol

- There's a guy above you... there's a guy above you..
There's a guy below you... there's a guy below you..

iamironman1914d ago

how do you think for elena?

scarlett johansson? natalie portman? or maybe carrie mulligan? if it was carrie mulligan and ryan gosling that would be a sweet reunion from drive

Sizzon1914d ago

I think Emily Rose herself would be great.

Drekken1914d ago

I agree with Emily Rose...

Drive was just a boring movie. I was expecting so much and all I got was long drawn out scenes with no dialog or action.

RBdrift1914d ago

I also agree with Emily Rose but the most important thing is for the actors to have chemistry and for it to translate onto the screen.
Plus Drive is cinema at its best. Sorry but It wasn't made for the cheesy Michael Bay audience.

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The story is too old to be commented.