Siegebreaker for iOS this December – rock stars, zombies and magic

The young Belgian developer team at Crazy Monkey Studios today announces Siegebreaker for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In this unique mix of real-time strategy and role playing game, players - in the guise of rock star Keith Rock - must rescue the kings of the Brookelands from a mysterious evil which has befallen the land. Siegebreaker will be available for free on the App Store at the beginning of December 2011. Additional content can be purchased via In-app purchases.

The story of Siegebreaker will be told gradually during the campaign mode through lovingly drawn comics. All the Brookelands’ knights and citizens have transformed into evil monsters. Whether skeletons, zombies, slime blobs or dragons - they are all trying to kill the rulers of the Brookelands. Chosen by fate, it is now up to the player to guide rock star Keith, the hero. Deadly guitar riffs are his weapon of choice in the battle against the undead army. Players can get up to five additional zany characters as rei...

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