BF3 - Have your Say in Back to Karkand, Origin Preload Now Available? And more

MP1st - "4 days left until you get to base jump into some of the most heated virtual battles of your life! To help tie you over, we’ve compiled a few interesting bits of information about Battlefield 3 released over the past couple of days."

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Grizzl32187d ago

I hope B2K launches around February or so. I figure by then I'll be ready for some new content.

Mister_V2187d ago

If they do another DLC, I'd like it to be set in a totally different time period maybe. Kinda like what they did with Vietnam. But, still can't wait for Karkand!

Jobesy2187d ago

Mister_v how come mp1st only covers bf3? If you don't want your site to be a flash in the pan I suggest you cover other mp games like the name indicates. Cause what's going to happen when the bf3 hype dies down?

Criminal2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

It's just at the moment everyone wants BF3 info, but we will be covering other games more in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback!

Mister_V2187d ago

Yes sir, we have a master plan *sinister grin* Haha.

C_Menz2187d ago

Karkland should release around Christmas to gather up some additional media for the holidays. They already have most of the work done.

Criminal2187d ago

Didn't Vietnam release around then? I think they'll do the same.

evrfighter2187d ago

Karkland really?

this has been gone over since 2005.

FlareDReborn2187d ago

If they do DLC i wouldnt mind them bringing in fan fav BC2 maps because i really love Arica Harbor and Atacama Desert.

arjman2187d ago

BC1 version of Oasis! Some of the other BC1 maps like Ghost Town and Par for the Course would be awesome...Just give me every BC1 map and I'll be happy :P

GroundsKeeperJimbo2187d ago

I want the snow map with the small town and the moutain. I always mix-up the map names so I'll refrain from calling it White Rush like I want too.

Virus2012187d ago

I'm preloading my game right now :D

Adva2187d ago

I think they have already said the expansion will be here before 2012? Not sure.

Criminal2187d ago

Yeah, they said before the end of the year.

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