Would You Like Your Battlefield 3 With Or Without Bugs?

Games journalist Dennis Scimeca (G4, GamePro, Gamasutra) tackles the subject of video games with day one patches, how they affect reviewers, and how they affect you.

"We give them our money. They give us polished, finished product. That's the deal, and publishers are routinely breaking it".

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death2smoochie2193d ago

"We give them our money. They give us polished, finished product. That's the deal, and publishers are routinely breaking it"

It's been like this for YEARS.
This is nothing new.
PC's had patches for years...and now consoles this and last generation the same exact thing.

zerocrossing2193d ago

For consoles It's inexcusable really.

I get the fact that to create a entirely bug free games is near impossible, but it seems like devs now have gotten together and decided that as long as they all release half finished bug riddled games with eventual patches its all ok, well Its damn well not OK! imo.

Hicken2192d ago

So how is it inexcusable for consoles? In the past, when there wasn't the ability to fix those bugs with a patch, sure.

But now the game can be constantly tweaked and updated. I, personally, don't mind day 1 patches, as that means the dev didn't just put out the game and forget about it. Be it Battlefield or anything else- especially if it's got an online component- I want to know the developers are still improving what I spent my money on. That it's a patch and not DLC means it's making the game worth that much more of my money.

Yes, too many games are shipped out not complete, but that's also the fault of consumers who can't wait for games anymore. If, instead of having a day 1 patch, DICE delayed the game for another month or two, everyone would be pissed.

PLAYER50952192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

i would like mine with bugs...tastes better

bobrea2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

If it's fixed with a DAY ONE patch, I don't see the huge deal. Would you rather them delay the game to fix it, or just download a patch the day you get it. I get what you're saying, but say one patches, (I feel,) are an exception to what you're saying.

And it's also especially tough when you're making a ground-breaking game, pushing next-gen performance (on PC at least) and I'm sure that EA has set deadlines for the game's release. Maybe if Dice could, they would delay it, maybe they wouldn't. But I don't think it's as simple as you make it out to be.

I could compare it to the band Tool (or many other bands.) They made their own success and they release albums when they want, and it's not going to be released unless they are 100% happy with it. But if there's a band that's in a shitty relationship in a shitty contract with a shitty record label, the label is going to force them to release music every so often, even if it means they don't have enough time to make it as good as they want.

baodeus2192d ago

for this kind of game, bugs free would be better. For game like Read Dead Redemption, keeps those bugs please, cause those sometimes are the best part of that game.

nolifeking2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

if the bugs are the best thing about a game, something went really wrong.

nolifeking2192d ago

All of those are as funny as a boom mic or PA showing up in a shot. Funny because they were not intended to be there.

baodeus2191d ago

like i said, bugs in game like BF isn't good, but for open game where weird things happen all the time like RDR for example, sometimes bugs can be quite fitting and add a bit of element of surprises to it.

Shackdaddy8362192d ago

Wait. I'm confused. So did he say the game was extremely buggy without that day1 patch?

Brettman20082192d ago

He said the game will likely be buggy prior to applying the patch. It doesn't really set a good precedent, and I wonder how many journalists will submit reviews of the game without the patch. Will be interesting. I think that DICE/EA has pretty much mismanaged the whole game pre-launch. I wish they devoted more time and effort in developing the game rather than spend so much energy in a bitter slanging match with Activision.

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